Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Jihadists by another name

Like I keep saying,  the actions and mindset of the "right sector" Ukrainians remind me of Muslim jihadis, nothing more, nothing less.

From VineyardSaker:
....In fact, Seva Goncharevskii    is all over the news in Banderastan. Here he demonstrates with his Right Sector pals in support of the Ukrainian armed forces. Here he is helping volunteers did trenches around Odessa. Here he is being interviewed and protests he persecution by the authorities and claims, in perfect Russian, that he is totally innocent.

This example is a perfect illustration of the true face of the Euroukraine which I call "Banderastan". An ugly, racist, unapologetically Nazi and thuggish face, the face of a "Ukrainian Interahamwe" - a monster created by the West, nurtured by the West for centuries, and a monster which is now armed and free to roam the Ukrainian land.

This is what they did to a couple accused of dealing drugs.

In the meantime, the "popular lustrations" (mob attacks on people deemed "disloyal") continue, and even though they are completely illegal, the cops do nothing. Over the past 24 hours, many people, including at least one hospital director, have been brutally assaulted, tossed into trash containers and forced to sign letters of resignation.

On a semi-comical note, the Rada is now proposing that only those who have been officials in the previous administration for more than one full year be "lustrated". Why? Because Poroshenko served as Minister of Trade and Economic Development for Yanukovich for a little less than a year.

In reality none of this is funny in the least.  It is, however, significant because all these are clear signs of a society falling apart, of a social order basically destroyed and replaced by a rule by violence on all levels.  This is most important because a society which goes down that road cannot do anything but comprehensively collapse because, truly, it ceases to be a "society".......

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