Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Leave the Middle East to the Middle Easterns .... let them destroy each other

If you read the article below in full and also the article at the link in the tweet you will surely come away with a feeling that the entire situation in any one of the Muslim countries in the Middle East is a cauldron brewing with poisonous herbs from a million plants. What are the Western powers doing in that shit?  Will we ever understand those myriad of tribes and the enmity between the tribes and enmity between various factions within those tribes?  What total madness to go into hellholes when we can't understand even a small segment of the utterly mad Muslim world and have to depend on Middle East "experts" and "analysts" who have their own agendum to tell us conflicting stories of these inbred people?  
Haven't we have had enough of the madness?  Can't we just leave them alone to off each other off?

Liz Sly writing at WashingtonPost:
Syria's tribal revolt against Islamic State ignored fueling resentment........

.....Relations quickly frayed. The crunch came, the tribesmen in Reyhanli said, when Islamic State fighters whipped a local man who was caught smoking a cigarette in the street, a crime under the Islamic State’s harsh interpretation of Islam. The man’s brother, incensed, shot at a passing Islamic State patrol, killing one of its fighters.

The brother was arrested and publicly beheaded, triggering an outpouring of rage. Residents marched on the Islamic State’s headquarters, forcing its fighters to flee. The militants then brought in reinforcements and began shelling the town, using artillery they had captured the previous month in Iraq.

After a three-day barrage, the Islamic State militants moved in. They rounded up all the surviving men and boys older than 15 they could find and set about systematically killing them, the fighters in Reyhanli said.

A photo essay on an Islamic State blog boasted of the different ways tribesmen were killed, including beheadings, mass shootings and a crucifixion. A video shows how the militants lined up scores of captives on a road, their hands bound, then set about clumsily decapitating them, one by one. The executioners, speaking in Tunisian, Egyptian and Saudi accents, taunted those not yet dead by swinging severed heads in front of their faces and telling them, “It’s your turn next.”..........

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