Friday, October 17, 2014

Canada and the the United Kingdom are the most disgusting pamperers of Muslim immigrants .....

and it all boils down to getting the Muslim vote at election time. The politicians of both these countries, along with many many more, have sold their souls for votes from the Muslim immigrant communities. Good of the country be damned. Patriotism be double damned.  As long as these blasted politicians can win their seats, who gives a shit!  What we forget time and time again is that these lowlives would not be holding political office if they were not lowlives. That's the bottom line. They will grovel on the ground kissing the feet of niqab clad Muslimas and Shariah enforcers if it means that they will get that X in the box alongside their name come election time.

I don't blame the Muslim immigrants anymore .... at least not as much as I used to.  I understand that for the Muslims their satanic book tells them to conquer the infidels everywhere they go and convert the lands of the infidels to evil incarnate. The faithful among the Muslim immigrants are abiding by their religion.

I blame the politicians and the laws or the lack of laws in our countries. The rules and regulations should be very straightforward and Muslim immigrants should sign their consent to them if they wish to migrate to non-Muslim lands. The rules should empathically state that the long list (I don't have the stamina to go through it right now, but there must be 1000s) of cavemen stuff they believe in and practice will not be allowed in our non-Muslim lands.  If caught abusing those rules and regulations,  their citizenship will be revoked and they will be deported.

Furthermore, they AND their lawyers should be scrutinized by the intelligence agencies to check for any links to wahhabi terrorist groups because only those this deeply into wahhabism would want to follow such practices and fight on behalf of people who want to follow such depravity.

What brought on this rant?  Read the following two items. Although, Canada's ex-Immigration Minister Jason Kenney did the right thing, wasn't it a bit too late?  Wouldn't all this and more be avoided if intelligent people instead of numbskulls were ruling over us?  

From MetroNews:
Ex-immigration minister Jason Kenney ‘dictated’ niqab ban at citizenship ceremony, court told
A Mississauga woman has taken the federal government to court over a policy that forbids wearing the face-covering veil while taking the oath of citizenship, arguing the ban breaches her Charter rights and fails to accommodate her religious beliefs and dress code.

Banning the niqab from citizenship ceremonies is the result of former immigration minister Jason Kenney imposing his own ideology of “Canadian values” on the process, Zunera Ishaq’s lawyer, Naseem Mithoowani, told federal court Justice Keith Boswell at a hearing in Toronto on Thursday.

“The true motivation of the policy is to compel Muslim women to abandon, albeit briefly, their religious adherence,” Mithoowani said.

“The failure to remove the veil is at the heart of this policy, more than being seen taking the oath . . . This is about Kenney deciding that niqab does not fit into the mode of Canadian citizens.”

It’s the first such challenge against the niqab ban at citizenship ceremonies; if successful, it could strike down the policy.

In December 2011, Kenney brought in the ban in an operational manual — rather than new legislation — in a series of measurements meant to strengthen the integrity of Canadian citizenship that also included raising the pass mark for the citizenship test and stricter residency and language requirements.............

From Channel4:
Hundreds of new FGM cases - but still no convictions  
Never before published figures reveal the scale of female genital mutilation in England, with the number of women currently being treated by the NHS approaching 2,000.
Figures from the Health and Social Care Information Centre show there were 467 newly identified cases of FGM in English hospitals in September.

This adds to 1,279 active cases - women with a history of FGM who are currently being treated by the NHS for FGM-related or non-related issues.
It is the first time such data has been published in the UK, and HSCIC chair Kingsley Manning said the data is an important step towards preventing the crime.
FGM has been a crime in the UK for 30 years, but to date there have been no convictions for subjecting women - and more often young girls - to the practice.
The first trial, of two men including a doctor from London, is due to begin in January next year.

The HSCIC figures show that women with a history of FGM are more likely to be found in London - though the problem is spread across the country.........

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