Tuesday, October 28, 2014

We got ourselves a "you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" mayor

My instincts tell me John Tory is a liar .... and I always trust my instincts.  They have never failed me as yet.  

From that time when he was running for the premiership of Ontario, was it in 2007? .... and spoke about the good points of segregated schools just so he could go along with the demands of,  primarily  Black Canadians  but also Jewish Canadians and Indian Sikhs and others .... I knew this guy was not kosher.  This man is the typical run of the mill politician the kind who are a dime a dozen.  They will say anything, do anything just so they can please the maximum number of people because getting the sheeple's votes is all that matters to them.  Nothing else.

I dredged up an article from 2008 which should give readers a little insight into the kind of  thinking that makes this our new mayor tick.

I wonder what kind of a costume he will be wearing when parading in the next Pride Parade.  He got all those gay votes didn't he by pandering to that community just like he had pandered to the Black, Jewish and Sikh communities during the premiership campaign?  Will we see him in his birthday suit in downtown Toronto come the next Pride day.  I won't be surprised.

From TheCannon:
Toronto's Afrocentric School: The Dumbest Idea since John Tory's Election Promise

John Tory’s 2007 campaign for premier was marred by one promise which just didn’t sit well with Ontarian voters. He thought he could shore up some ethnic votes by pointing out how unfair our education funding system is since it gives preference to students attending public or Catholic schools. Strange, he said, shameful even, that Ontario offers a public funding option for Roman Catholic schools, but not for Muslim, Jewish, Sikh, Armenian, or any other ethnically based schools. Muslim, Jewish, Sikh and Armenian parents tended to agree with him.
Tory seemed to have justice on his side. He was basically correct to point out that the funding formula was outdated and unevenly favoured certain citizens based on their ethnicity or religion. However, the only truly just position would have been to support elimination of funding for separate schools all together. The only way to create real equality in publicly funded schools would be to make one inclusive public school board while discouraging the more exclusive ones. But then again, taking away Catholic school funding would have been political suicide for Tory and so he decided the latter option was close enough.
Ontarians knew that offering funding to other religiously or ethnically based schools would be one step forward and two steps back. While Catholic school boards were unfairly advantaged, it didn’t make sense to further diminish the power of the public schools. After all, it is the public schools which, for good or for bad, model the type of secularism that has allowed Ontarians to accept and integrate different groups into one big happy society. Tory’s resounding defeat confirmed the fact that secular values are something Ontarians are willing to stand up for........

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