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World War 3 updates .... October 20

USA, UK, Canada,  Australia, New Zealand, Lebanon, Libya, Mali, Jordan, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Iraq, Israel, Syria, Turkey, Kurdistan, Yemen, Nigeria, France with (Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger and Chad ) Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Albania, Estonia, Hungary, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Japan, Republic of Korea, Ireland, Spain, Slovakia, Norway, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Novorussia, Ukraine, Russia, Chechnya, Somalia, Iran, India, South Korea, North Korea,  Central African Republic, Kenya, Tunisia, The Philippines, Egypt,  Albania, Serbia, China .... 

From NaijaCenter:
At least 25 members  of the Boko Haram terrorists group were on Sunday night killed by troops of the 7 Division, Nigerian Army in Damboa Local Government Area of Borno state. Security officials have said.
The attack on Damboa had cast much doubts that many concerned had expressed over the much talked- about ceasefire deal the federal government said it signed on Friday with the Boko Haram gunmen.
It would be recalled that Boko Haram had on the 17th of July 2014 hoisted their flags in Damboa after a deadly gunbattle that left, five policemen, several soldiers and Lieutenant Colonel Commanding the military base in Damboa dead with property worth billions of naira destroyed.........

War crimes by USA and Canada supported govt of Ukraine, continue to continue.  Vid below shows white phosphorus shot on Donetsk civilian areas.

From BBC:
Kobane: US drops arms and aid to Kurds battling IS
US military aircraft have dropped weapons, ammunition and medical supplies to Kurdish fighters battling Islamic State (IS) militants in the key Syrian town of Kobane.
US Central Command said C-130 transport aircraft had made "multiple" drops of supplies provided by Kurdish authorities in Iraq.
US air strikes have helped push back IS in the town near the Turkish border.
Correspondents say the airdrops are likely to anger key US ally Turkey.....

From AP:
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said Monday the Obama administration decided to airdrop weapons and ammunitions to "valiant" Kurds fighting Islamic State extremists in the Syrian border town of Kobani because it would be "irresponsible" and "morally very difficult" not to support them.
Speaking in the Indonesian capital, Kerry told reporters that the administration understood ally Turkey's concerns about supplying the Kurds, who are linked to a Kurdish group that Ankara fiercely opposes.
But, he said the situation is such in the besieged town of Kobani that the resupplies were deemed absolutely necessary in a "crisis moment."...

From IrishTimes:
22 killed in attack on farmers’ market in Xinjiang region
More than 200 have died in restive Chinese province in the past year
Twenty-two people were killed when four Uighur assailants armed with knives and explosives attacked a market in Xinjiang province last week, as ethnic tensions continued to worsen in the northwestern region.
The dead included police officers and the four attackers. The attack, on October 12th, took place at a farmers’ trading centre in Maralbeshi, or Bachu, county in the Kashgar prefecture, the US-based Radio Free Asia’s Uighur-language service reported. The wholesale food market is used predominantly by Han Chinese.
Xinjiang is home to more than 10 million Turkic-speaking Uighurs, a Turkic Muslim ethnic group that has close linguistic and cultural links to central Asia...........

From AlAlam:
The Kurdish fighters of the People's Protection Units, or YPG, have been retaking ground from IS near Sari Kani, located around 160 kilometres east of Syrian town of Kobani.
British broadcaster Sky News has travelled with a Kurdish armed militia group to the front-line in Syria where Kurdish fighters have been leading the ground offensive against ISIS group......

Read elsewhere that a  military vehicle was used by suicide bomber.
From BBC:
Baghdad Shia mosque hit  by suicide attack  
A suicide attacker has killed at least 18 people at a Shia mosque in Iraq, the latest in a spate of similar bombings.
The attacker blew himself up in a crowd gathered for a funeral in western Baghdad's affluent Harthiyah area.
Dozens have been killed in similar attacks in recent weeks that have been widely blamed on Islamic State (IS).....

From EuroNews:
Several small businesses owned by Albanians in the Serbian cities of Novy Sad and Vrsac were attacked on Thursday night by unknown assailants. This reflects rising tensions in the Balkan region.
In Sombor and Stara Pazova, bakeries owned by Albanians were attacked with a hand grenade and petrol bomb.
The Albanian embassy in the Montenegrin capital Podgorica was also vandalised, earlier. Three people were arrested.
The day before, on Tuesday, an incident wrecked an Albania-Serbia football match being played in Belgrade.
A remotely piloted drone flew over, carrying a map of a “Greater Albania” including Kosovo and parts of Macedonia. It symbolised nationalist ambitions.....

From MEE:
 45 percent of Iraq bombers were Saudi nationals
The attacks, which appear to be an attempt to ignite sectarian tensions in Iraq, come as it is revealed that the majority of Islamic State suicide bombers to launch attacks in Iraq in the past 45 days were Saudi nationals.....
A map of the car bombs to hit Baghdad since 2003 (@brilliantmaps / MEE) 

From PressTV:
Jordanian former Prime Minister Marouf al-Bakhit says   hundreds of Jordanians have joined the ranks of ISIL Takfiri terrorists fighting against the Iraqi government.
Some 1,300 Jordanians have so far joined the militants out of whom more than 200 have been killed, Bakhit said in speech in the Jordanian capital Amman on Sunday.
The former premier estimated that there are between 2,000 and 4,000 Jordanians active in the Takfiri stream.

Ah .... here we go again.  Just because the Houthis are aligned with Iran (the presumably world's biggest enemy as designated by warlord numero uno Nethanyahu of Israel and of course by the Israel-owned USA) the Western powers via Saudi Arabia are arming and funding AL QAEDA.  Yup believe it folks ... that's how the wind blows in Yemen!
Here's another country all set for an intensified civil war or a proxy war between Iran and Western powers with Western powers allying themselves with Al Qaeda.  Wonderful isn't it?

From PressTV:
Syrian army gains ground near Damascus  
The Syrian army has gained ground in its fight against ISIL Takfiri terrorists near the capital Damascus, Press TV reports.
Syrian armed forces were able to advance several blocks in the Jobar district near Damascus, were militants had built one of their strongest bases.
“We have just taken control of many new blocks. Our troops also advanced on Zamalka, round about on the Savran Highway, and control the Hirmileh and Jadiah strategic tunnels. The highway is now in our range of fire,” a Syrian army commander told the Press TV correspondent.........

POWs from Ukraine's army used as labor for rebuilding bombed out homes of Russian-speaking easterners.

From NovorossiaToday:
...Donetsk — situation is extremely tense in the capital.  Yesterday the city was targeted from the battlefield rocket system “Tochka-U”: Gornyak residential area, the administrative building of the chemical works and mine17-bis (the building of a kindergarten nearby was destroyed). Residential areas of Kiyevskiy, Kuybyshevskiy and Petrovskiy districts have once more been subjected to mortar-gun and artillery fire. The airport was shelled from the MRLS “Grad” and heavy mortar-guns by Ukrainian Wehrmacht. An attempt of a breakthrough of the castigators encircled there was undertaken, accompanied by howitzer shelling. Ukrainian media keeps on harping on about the full control of Ukrainian army over the airport.
Satellite towns and suburbs
Gorlovka — tension remains, local clashes and movement of punitive air force (several MI-8 helicopters) are being observed in this direction from the town of Artyomovsk. Makeyevka — at about 7 AM the town was shelled by the National Guards artillery. Avdeyevka — three fire nests of Ukrainian Wehrmacht were destroyed by People’s Militia. Yenakiyevo — the sabotage and reconnaissance group of the People’s Militia shelled the block-post of the castigators in the area of locality Olkhovatka. The Maryinka district — positions of Ukrainian Wehrmacht in the area of locality Krasnogorovka were shelled from mortar-guns and machine-guns......

From YonhapNews:
South and North Korea exchanged fire
across the heavily fortified border on Sunday, but there was no report of South Korean casualties.
The incident took around 5:40 p.m. when South Korea fired warning shots against North Korean soldiers who were approaching the military demarcation line in Paju after broadcasting warning messages.

From YonhapNews:
South and North Korea will be able to hold another round of high-level talks as scheduled, a senior presidential aide said Sunday, amid growing worries the recent exchange of fire across the tense border could scupper the meeting.
In early October, a high-powered North Korea delegation made a surprise visit to South Korea to attend the closing ceremony of the 2014 Incheon Asian Games, agreeing with South Korea's top security officials to hold another round of high-level talks in late October or early November.

From France24:
Iran has summoned  the Pakistani ambassador and demanded immediate steps to stop attacks by "terrorists and rebels" that sparked deadly clashes on the countries' border, state media reported Sunday.
Noor Muhammad Jadmani was called to the foreign ministry on Saturday evening following the deaths in the restive border province of Sistan-Baluchistan, the official IRNA news agency said,.
Two Iranian border guards and a Pakistani paramilitary officer were killed in a shooting on Thursday evening, sources on the two sides said. Iran said rebels had tried to infiltrate the country....

From Annahar:
IS announces it intends to open a consulate in Istanbul, leaving Erdogan’s press officiados stammering
Turkey remains a hotbed of ISIS terror stories, following its controversial hostage exchange deal with the terror outfit plus international media reports that IS has a significant presence and recruiting network in the country.
Turkey's President Recep Erdogan has always firmly denied the IS presence in the country. But now his government is on the back foot after a spokesman would not deny that Turkey is developing formal relations with the extremist organization following ISIS announcing that it will soon open a 'consulate' in Istanbul.
The so-called Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) intends to unveil its first diplomatic mission in Istanbul in order to provide consular services for all who wish to join the extremist group in Iraq, reported Turkish daily Aydinlikas saying............

Does Iran Have Legitimate Nuclear Energy Needs?  
The Real News Network interviews Dr. Sarram  who is the President of Energy Security Consulting Group. Part 2 here

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