Thursday, October 2, 2014

Right on! Canada's opposition party readies to say "NO" to Conservative warlords

The ISIS/ISIL/IS/xyz barbarians are NOT at our gates.  Some minor, mini ones might be amongst us already but we can flush them out. The most important thing to do is change our immigration policies and either severely curtail or stop Muslim immigration altogether.  All refugees from the conflict ridden lands should be diverted to Saudi Arabia and Turkey. UN should be told in no uncertain terms that Canada is closed for refugee business.
We don't want Canada involved in this mess in the Middle East.  I hope Trudeau sticks to what he says and opposes any combat involvement in the mess.  Everybody knows that this is a "deliberate" war brought on to oil the machinery of the billionaire stakeholders of  companies whose lifeline is wars and nothing but wars.

From CTVNews:
Canada's role in Iraq does not have to be a combat mission: Trudeau   

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau agrees that Canada must play a role in the struggle against militants in Iraq, but says that doesn't necessarily mean combat.
Trudeau says Prime Minister Stephen Harper seems intent on sending Canadians to war, but has yet to explain why.
He's telling the Canada2020 conference that ISIL does pose a threat to regional and global security.
The question, he says, is what Canada should do about it.
Trudeau suggests there are options other than sending in CF-18 fighter-bombers to conduct airstrikes alongside allies.
He says Canada should be looking at offering strategic airlift, training, medical support or humanitarian efforts.

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