Sunday, January 4, 2015

The EEU is born ... January 1, 2015

To negate the influence of the warmongering satanic cult known as NATO,  the peace-loving inhabitants of planet Earth can take solace in organizations like the BRICS,  EEU  and the Silk Road masterminds.... countries that have governments who strive to create jobs and elevate the poverty-ridden instead of burying them six feet under in bits and pieces after killing them off in wars.

From Xinhuanet:
The founding of the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) is a first step toward a more unified Eurasian region, Alexander Gusev, director of the Center for Strategic Development of Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) Countries, has said.

"Based on the Customs Union (CU) and Common Economic Space, the EEU is only the starting point of the big work of creating a unified Eurasian Union," Gusev told Xinhua in an exclusive interview.

The EEU is a regional organization founded by Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. It officially came into effect on Wednesday, and was enlarged on the following day by Armenia's accession.

The EEU's main objectives are to form a single market, create more opportunities for the free movement of goods, services, investment and labor forces within the borders of the member countries by 2025, as well as introduce a coordinated economic policy.

The establishment of the EEU has already brought tangible benefits to its member states, said Gusev, adding that low gas prices from Russian energy producers, as well as favorable conditions for economic development and customs, are guaranteed to member states.

The EEU is an important step for Russia to fulfill the dream of a unified Eurasia, and an energetic booster to other economic or political associations in the region like the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and China's Silk Road Economic Belt initiative, Gusev said, noting that the EEU and the Silk Road Economic Belt are not competitors.

"The initiative of Silk Road aims to integrate Central Asian countries into a common economic space," which is welcomed by the EEU members, Gusev said.

Moscow and Beijing can work together to promote economic development, social stability and regional security in Central Asia and Eurasia, added Gusev..........

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