Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Ron Paul ....true patriotic American

Great speech by Ron Paul during his 2008 presidential bid. Too bad the powers-that-be in the USA saw to it that he did not get the kind of exposure the traitorous MSM afforded to the other candidates. The "royal family" of the USA is the Federal Reserve and to know who or what is behind the inception of that concept is to let yourself delve into the bottomless pit of  the most complicated labyrinth-like secret society ever known to man. IMO, those who control the Federal Reserve make or break presidential candidates in the USA.  Now, the same evil forces are hard at work to get either Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush become the next president.  
Also, remember this:  No matter who becomes the next president of the USA, Obama will be back either in 2020 or 2024 either as prez of an entire nation or as prez of a broken up nation representing the Black America portion of it.  

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