Sunday, January 11, 2015

Speed dating .... the jihadi way

The new normal.  We will soon get used to the many more new "normals"  coming our way.

From AlAlam:
ISIL 5-Minute Speed Dating Service  to Help Militants Find Brides 

The ISIL terrorist organization is now offering 5-minute speed dating services to attract more western women to the takfiri terrorist group and to become militant brides.
According to media a British ISIL militant named Abu Qa'qa al-Britani, who lives in Raqqa-Syria, has recently published, on the online social site Tumblr, a guide that is designed to help encourage women to travel to Syria by making the husband-finding process seem more simple.
The guide outlines that women who have a desire to travel to join the takfiri terrorist group can contact militants who specialize in "marriage affairs" in order to be matched up with militant suitors. Meetings between the woman and her potential suitors can be arranged in the form of a speed dates.
"They have five minutes to speak to each other and are given the ability to see one another if they both desire to do so," al-Britani's post states. "Then they have the choice to marry or refuse one another and Allah knows best."
If the paired couple refuse one another, the bride will continue looking for another militant to marry. Al-Britani's post indicates that newlywed terrorist couples will be given a home to live in as well as cash.

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