Thursday, January 8, 2015

Let's welcome 1000s of refugees/Trojan Horses from Middle East wars coming to Canada

I hope this will be my last post in criticism of  import of Trojan Horses from Muslim countries.  I will restrain myself as much as possible from throwing blame at these poor folks who are running away from wars for which the West is solely responsible.  I will put myself in their shoes and wonder how it would feel to be like them.

Did I ever mention how a Lebanese Christian boyfriend of one of my dear friends walked out from a get together at a restaurant after throwing an expletive at moi  because I said something in defence of Israel?  That was the day I started delving into why even Christians of the Middle East hate Israeli Jews with a deep vengeance but stop short of violence unlike the Muslims.   

I tell you this because when we think deeply and research meticulously on the ongoing conflicts in that part of the world it is very difficult not to see Israel and Saudi Arabia at the bottom of the entire misery.  The people of the Middle East, be they Muslims, Christians, Kurds, whatever .... they know.   They know why they are in wars, why they have been uprooted, why they have lost their  family members, their homes, their livelihood, their all.  And then when somebody like myself in all my ignorance chooses to say something positive about the people of a nation whose best export is brainwashing, the people in the know see red.  It took me months of research and soul searching but in the end I realized the Lebanese bloke was right and I was wrong.

So .... I for one won't criticize our government for importing more Trojan Horses into Canada.  It's the least Canada can do for these people whose misery is a result of Canada helping USA in her never-ending zest to obey the commands of Israel and Saudi Arabia ... commands that want the USA to destroy Iran and Iran's allies so as to prevent Iran from becoming the top dog in that region.   So ... let's welcome the mostly illiterate refugees and hope they won't turn against us for what we have done to them and their countries.  In the same stroke, let's also completely destroy the reputation we used to have, that of being a nation with the most educated immigrant population.

Oh ... BTW,  I think when you see a number for the immigrants/refugees, it's usually the number for the adults not the kids.  I might be mistaken, but I sort of recall that only the main applicant(s) of the family are counted for these tabulations and not the minors.

Steven Chase writing at Globe&Mail:
Canada vows to accept 13,000 more refugees  from Syria and Iraq

Canada is opening its doors wider for refugees fleeing a Middle East civil war and the Islamic State’s reign of terror, announcing it will accept another 10,000 Syrians over three years and 3,000 more Iraqis in 2015.

Ottawa is expecting private organizations, such as church groups, to shoulder the majority of the burden for resettling these newcomers – a decision expected to strain the capacity of these sponsors.

Immigration Minister Chris Alexander, who announced the pledge Wednesday, said the measure is about “doing the right thing” for “Syrians and Iraqis who face the worst forms of violence in the world today.”

The Harper government says the priority for refugees will be persecuted groups, specifically religious minorities – which would include Christians – sexual minorities and victims of rape. This has prompted concern among some refugee advocates that Muslims, a majority in the region, would get short shrift in selection.

Canada’s refugee commitment represents a major increase in the number of Syrians headed to Canada. It comprises 10 per cent of the latest appeal from United Nations Refugee Agency, which has asked nations to resettle 100,000 more Syrians worldwide.

Canada has already accepted 20,000 Iraqis and since mid-2013 has brought 1,060 Syrian refugees to Canada. Total approvals for resettled Syrian refugees now exceed 1,275, with thousands more applications still being processed. This number does not include the many more Syrians who’ve been accepted as refugees after making “inland claims” from within Canada.

The government also announced another $90-million in humanitarian assistance for people affected by the intensifying violence in both Iraq and Syria, home to a long-running civil war as well as battles between Islamic jihadis and government forces. The assistance will be distributed via UN agencies, the Red Cross and aid groups............

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