Saturday, January 3, 2015

So .... how's the new American Revolution coming along ?

Silence of the collective MSM on the protests, both in the USA and Canada, is not gonna stop the uprising in the USA. The injustice dealt out to citizens of all colors and creed by those in authority, whether that authority be passive like we see inside the halls of the ruling elite in Washington DC or aggressive like we see with the majority of  those in the police force, has reached a boiling point. 

The ongoing protests in the USA are up in intensity and  the movement is growing.  Amazingly, so far, almost all the protests have been peaceful and orderly.  Wait for that to change because no matter how much the organizers try to contain uprisings within their own acceptable level of outrage and disruption, crowd control is never ever something that goes according to plan.  

2015 is the Year of the New Revolution in the USA.   
The bully nation has had its zenith, will this be the year it drops down to its nadir?

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