Thursday, January 15, 2015

Revolution, Glorious American Revolution lives on

I was looking at the map of the USA and thought that Chicago would probably be the capital of  the Black American side of the ultimately broken up America. Reason:  It's Obama's home town and a great number of prominent Black Americans live in that city. And, me thinks Rahm  Emanuel has been already laying the groundwork for the coming division.  The real fireworks will start soon after the 2016 presidential elections when Obama will be free to become the George Washington for his people and the saviour of the Spanish speaking people in many of the States down south and east.  I see Florida,  Louisiana, Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, New York State, Pennsylvania and  Michigan siding with Obama and the new Black America. Wonder which other States or parts of States will join the new country. Wonder what name the new citizens of a new country will choose to give it.
Exciting times are ahead.
The best thing of all will be the comforting thought that a war machine will be broken up and the rest of the world might at long last escape the tyranny of the bully Empire.

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