Thursday, January 15, 2015

The decoupling from the dying Empire is picking up speed

So many similarities between the America of today and the days in mid-1770s when the colonies of Britain decided to decouple from the powers in Britain. The continentals ran out of patience with the English king and his harsh unreasonable policies imposed on them and took the bold step of not only fighting for independence but within no time at all, making such a great success of a united America.  How did their descendants in less than 250 years manage to make such a mess of it all today?  

I find it so heartbreaking that the Americans of today do not pay any heed to the reason why their ancestors had opted for independence from their masters over the ocean.  The harsh warlike bullish nature of the America of today is not unlike the commands and bullying that came from England during those years before the war for independence.  It is this same reason why today we are seeing the BRICS and other nations seeking to decouple from the bully Empire.   

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