Thursday, January 29, 2015

More delays in the Iraq War Inquiry report ....

which when it eventually comes out will crucify Tony Blair and several big shots in the Labour Party and moreover this report might help to get the wheels rolling to throw the US architects of that unlawful, unwarranted and totally illegal war in jail, for the rest of their miserable lives. 

The devious manipulators in the UK are trying to delay the issuance of the report until after the UK elections in May in order to save some of the warmongering MPs, who incidentally, are found aplenty in all three parties of the UK government and who still continue to spew their poison and their influence to start wars here, there, everywhere.

William James writing at Reuters:
Delay to Britain's Iraq War inquiry report causes outcry.

A decision to delay a long-awaited official report into Britain's role in the Iraq War until after a general election in May drew accusations of a whitewash on Wednesday and demands for British voters to be given its findings.

The investigation, headed by former civil servant John Chilcot, was set up six years ago to learn lessons from the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq which ousted Saddam Hussein and its aftermath. Britain was the U.S. main ally in the war despite widespread public opposition.

Rose Gentle, the mother of a soldier killed in Iraq in 2004, said she was disgusted the report had taken so long to come out.

"We just feel totally let down, we just feel it's going to be a total whitewash now," she told BBC television.

The latest delay, said to be necessary to allow those criticised to respond, adds to a string of hold-ups ascribed in part to U.S. sensitivities about releasing exchanges between then-leaders U.S. President George W. Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

The Chilcot Report's publication has become even more politically charged before what is expected to be a close national election between Prime Minister David Camerons's Conservatives and the opposition Labour Party.

Any criticism of Labour, which was in power at the time of the 2003 war, could damage its electoral chances, although current party leader Ed Miliband said he wanted the report to be published.

When it was announced in 2009, the report was expected to take a year but Chilcot said in a letter to Cameron this week it would still take some months to complete and that there was "no realistic prospect" of delivering it before the election.....

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