Monday, November 16, 2015

What are French Muslims saying? How are the refugees taking the renewed hatred towards them ...

all due  to the pitiful state they have been reduced to because of the satanic powers-that-be at the helm of our planet?

On my recent sojourn to parts of the EU, I saw refugees in Greece, Italy and Turkey who have been reduced to begging.  In Turkey the cruel govt there makes them wear a cardboard sign around their necks which says in English "I am a Syrian refugee" ... how demeaning is that!  Erdogan wants to show that the only beggars in Turkey happen to be Syrians and Turks are well fed and taken care of.  That might be the case, but it was still saddening to see such signs on human beings. I managed to speak to a refugee, a man wearing the sign around his neck and accompanied by a little girl of around 7 years or so.  He told us that he was from a village in Hama which was invaded by ISIS 2 years ago.  We had learnt to carry with us packaged goodies to pass around to the unfortunates we came across along with a few coins.  We also met a woman in Athens with a horde of kids.  If you had seen the sorrow in her eyes you would have been touched too ... unless you have lost all trace of humanity you have ever had.
Surprisingly, we didn't see Syrian refugees in the part of Spain (Catalonia) we visited. Perhaps because African refugees have set up shop there (lots of them as street hawkers) seen in touristy areas.
The  outlying area of France we visited was sparsely populated and although I did hear Arabic spoken here and there I concluded the speakers were Lebanese citizens of France.

As far as I am concerned, giving refuge to refugees in Canada is nothing to be afraid of as long as they are fully vetted and only families gain access and no single young men are let in ... because those are the ones who might be from ISIS.  Some of the churches in Toronto have already started sponsoring refugee families running away from conflicts in Africa. (Syria is not the only country with an outflow of refugees).

Listen to the vid below. 

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