Thursday, November 12, 2015

How countries play "show me yours and I will show you mine"

From the time the Russian plane was destroyed, we have moved closer to the inevitable.  Whether you like it
or not, it's upon us. The IT is whatever you want to make of it.  Is the IT going to be worldwide?
Will the IT encompass Canada too?  Will the IT ensnare  the entire planet? Will the IT come about tomorrow, next week, next month, next year?  Everything we see, read or hear  from the moment the plane was brought down, is nothing else but ingenuous ways to waylay our opinions.  Can't you see the intensity of the propaganda?  Have we become so blinded with Kadashian's butt and Catlin's crotch that we have let each and every brain cell dry up and die?

Let's leave the incident of the Russian plane aside as I have thoughts on it that are neither to do with engine failure or bomb explosion.
Let's just go with whatever the Brits and the Americans and the Russians, but to be smaller degree, are opining on that crime.
Let's just go with the "bomb destroyed the airplane" scenario to keep it simple and neat.  Let's just say there was no element of the "show me yours and I will show you mine" game moves in that horrendous crime.

However, let's not dismiss the explosions of arsenal depots in China, as accidents.  Those should be definitely included in the game.

Now we come to the two instances below which are 100% to do with a game and that gives a whole different meaning to the word "play" when nations like the USA and Russia are "playing"  the game.

Ollie Gillman writing at
No wonder California freaked out! 
New pictures show spectacular launch of nuclear-capable Trident missile over Golden Gate Bridge that sparked UFO scare - and a host of conspiracy theories

    US Navy fired a nuclear-capable Trident II (D5) missile off coast of California on Saturday as part of a top secret test
    Photographer Abe Blair happened to be taking pictures of San Francisco when the mysterious streak appeared
    He captured the dazzling blue light shooting across the sky after the ballistic missile was fired from USS Kentucky
    Mystery light sparked a flurry of calls to police and posts on social media speculating that it might be a UFO ......

 George Dvorsky writing at Gizmodo
Russian TV "Accidentally" Leaks Footage of Classified Nuclear Torpedo Design
During a meeting of military officials in Sochi, Russian TV crews captured footage of a document not intended for public consumption. The supposedly “secret data,” which was subsequently shown on Russian television, revealed details of a “nuclear torpedo” designed to inflict “assured unacceptable damage” to enemy coastal installations.

As RT reports, a number of TV crews in attendance at the Tuesday meeting captured footage of a presentation slide titled “Ocean Multipurpose System: Status-6,” which allegedly showed details of a new nuclear submarine weapons system. The Kremlin has admitted that the footage, which appeared on TV, was “secret data” that should have never been broadcast.....

Questions we should ask now are:  What else is intended to be shown to each other by the three main players, USA/Israel/NATO (acting as one player) and Russian and China?  When will they start killing the citizens of each others countries?  Will my city or your city become a target?

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