Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Libya's self-declared KSA-aligned Islamist govt threatens to flood EU with migrants

I  for one am hoping the islamists make good on their threat.  This would be the payment the EU gets for going along with the USA's satanic plans for the Middle East and Africa.  Send the migrants to EU, dear self-declared Islamic govt of Libya, send them in their thousand-fold.  The more the merrier.  Let the suicide bombings  fireworks begin.

Colin Freeman writing at TelegraphUK:
Libya warns it could flood Europe with migrants if EU does not recognise new Islamist government
Islamists who took power in Tripoli issue veiled threat in response to West's refusal to accept their legitimacy

 Libya has issued a veiled threat to send "hundreds of thousands" of extra migrants to Europe if Brussels does not give official recognition to its self-declared Islamist government.

Officials say they could hire boats to send large numbers of African migrants across the Mediterranean, massively adding to the numbers already reaching Europe's borders.

The warning was made by a spokesman for Libya's General National Congress in an interview with The Telegraph in the Libyan capital, Tripoli....

.... Jamal Zubia, the Congress's foreign media spokesman, told The Telegraph that Libya was currently spending tens of millions of pounds a year stopping migrants from crossing the Mediterranean, through the use of detention centres and repatriation programs.

He said that if Europe continued to refuse to recognise the Congress's authority, the Libyan government could reverse the policy.

"To be honest, I have advised my goverment many times already that we should hire boats and send them to Europe," he said. "We are protecting the gates of Europe, yet Europe does not recognise us and does not want to recognise us. So why should we stop the migrants here?" ....

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