Friday, November 27, 2015

After the downing of Russia's jet by Erdoganistan

I think France's Hollande has learnt a  bitter lesson after the terrorist attacks in Paris.  NOBODY can trust the USA to do the right thing in anything.  The EU has gone along with the bully empire in its quest to change the mapping of the Middle East and all in the hope of getting some scraps (oil fields, etc,etc) from the bully's table. The EU can salivate and drool for those scraps which are not likely to fall off the table, not ever.  While waiting for those scraps like dogs under a feasting table, the idiots have been bestowed instead with an invasion of bigger, fiercer dogs in the form of Muslim invaders in every nook and cranny of EU, while the instigator of all the wars that made the invasion possible, has the say-so on how many invaders refugees it will accept on its own soil.

Thus, we see poor Hollande, after pleading with the bully nation to give him permission to join up with Putin to try and do away with the jihadi scourge in Syria that Hollande has helped create, make his way to Moscow.  Obama probably sent him off with a "Make sure you say "Assad must go" understand?  That sentence MUST be included in every press conference."  And, of course, zombie Hollande does as master orders.  Ugly, ugly, ugly!

Make no mistake folks, everybody going in to "rid" the jihadis from Syria are going there to get a piece of the pie.  They don't want Assad around because they know that with Assad hanging around, Russia will get the biggest piece of the pie.  Some parts of the EU will be content to share the pie with Putin ... namely, France and Germany, maybe even UK (and only because of the new powerful opposition to Cameron, Jeremy Corbyn ).  Have
you seen how laden with oil some parts of Syria happen to be?  I had no idea Syria was sitting on such a huge sea of oil.

The above are my conclusions on the possibility of what we will likely see in the coming months. From the first two vids below, you can come to your own conclusions. I haven't watched the third one as yet, so no opinion.
And, oh yes ... expect a civil war in Turkey within the next two years, maybe sooner.  Karma is a bitch.


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