Sunday, November 15, 2015

What are the bets that weapons used by jihadis in Paris were French-made and supplied to the "moderates" in Syria?

Karma is a bitch !

The moment I heard about the terrorist attacks in Paris, I thought of what Assad had said about 3 years ago on the stupidity of the West in supporting terrorists groups.  He is on record as saying that "terrorism is like a scorpion that you can't keep in your pocket without it stinging you" or words to that effect.
He had predicted almost 3 years ago that the West's support of his enemies intention to destablize Syria and bring about his govt's downfall would backfire with the jihadis turning against their masters and bringing terror to the "heart of Europe and the US" ... and lo and behold, it has come to pass .... at least the first part of it....for now.

From RT dated April 2013
....In the statement that was made on Wednesday to state channel Al Ikhbariya, Assad warned that "The West has paid heavily for funding Al-Qaeda in its early stages. Today it is doing the same in Syria, Libya and other places, and will pay a heavy price in the heart of Europe and the United States."

He stressed that "from the first day, what is happening in Syria is dictated from abroad."

Assad’s interview also comes within a week of jihadist extremists the Al Nusra Front swearing support to Al-Qaeda’s commander Ayman al-Zawahiri, who’s idea it had been initially to turn Syria into an Islamic state.

The president continued to say that Syria was “facing a new war, a new method, with fighters, some of whom are Arabs, not Syrians," and that the "army is not fighting a war to liberate Syrian territory, but a war on terror."

While the president did say that progress was being made, he also pointed toward some “big powers, in particular the United States, that do not accept countries to be independent; they want them to be submissive." Although the West has claimed on occasion not to be supporting Al-Qaeda, Assad added that "everyone who carries weapons and attacks civilians is a terrorist, be they Al-Qaeda or not."....

Wasn't France's government eagerly funding, arming and training the jihadis so they could continue committing  those atrocious acts in Syria?  Hadn't we heard and seen aplenty what the "moderates" did with their weapons and how equally good they were at headchopping and maybe even better than their wahhabi shits in ISIS in making friends with influential people both in the USA and France?  Don't we know that the thousands of tonnes of state-of-the-art weapons were sold by the West's beloved "moderates" to the West's less beloved ISIS and to anyone having the money to buy the goodies?

From BBC dated  March 2013
France's president has defended his plan to supply arms to Syria's rebels, as activists mark two years since the anti-government uprising began.

Speaking after an EU meeting, Francois Hollande said the rebels had given guarantees that weapons would not fall into the wrong hands.

France and the UK want the EU to lift its arms embargo, but Germany says it has not yet decided if it agrees....

Here's more on how the French govt wallowed in bed with jihadis in Syria.

From WSWS dated Aug 2014
France admits it    directly supplied arms to Syrian “rebels”
President Fran├žois Hollande confirmed in a Le Monde interview on August 19 that France has been directly supplying arms to the “rebels” of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) in its proxy war to remove the regime of President Bashar al-Assad. This came ahead of the recent US decision to intervene militarily in Syria, ostensibly to crush the Islamic State (IS) opposition militia operating in Iraq and Syria.

French imperialism has been arming Syrian Islamist opposition forces since at least the spring of 2013. According to Le Monde, it provided weapons including 12.7-mm machine guns, rocket launchers, body armour and communications equipment—but “ nothing”, according to a Le Monde source, “which ‘could have been turned against us’ such as explosives”. The same weapons are also being shipped to the Peshmerga Kurdish militias in northern Iraq to stop the progress of the IS takeover, a direct product of the US war in Iraq.........

It is always the innocent citizens of the Western world who suffer the most for the disastrous foreign policy actions taken by the bastards they naively elect to high office.  The bastards never ever give a thought of what could happen to their own citizens if things didn't go according to their macabre roadmap to regime changes here, there, everywhere.  As long as they can make millions for themselves by shovelling big contracts to the armament making corporations, all's well with their world.

How many Western politicians have been killed by jihadis to date?  Any you know of? 
How many ordinary citizens of the West have been sacrificed to date because the bastards in power think of us as fodder and nothing more? 
Would the EU, and to a lesser extent, North America, be faced with the refugee/migrant invasion we see today if not for the idiots placed in high office?
Would there be so many wars all over the MidEast if we had true patriots as politicians instead of lackeys with their tongues hanging out for a taste of the riches offered by Israel and Saudi Arabia in return for fighting wars on their behalf?

Those who carry water for foreign powers and are clamoring for the break-up of Syria, please don't whine now about Muslim refugees/migrants flooding your lands, looting your homes and raping your women. You contributed to this crisis.  STFU and enjoy the future.

Truth is always extremely difficult to swallow and that's the reason why so many prefer to keep their heads firmly lodged in the sand.

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