Thursday, November 5, 2015

Poor Larry King, the man who is seldom seen getting upset ...

(unless he's throwing darts in Piers Morgan's direction) almost lost it with Michael Savage who had myriad number of ways to try and educate King why we should not be paying any attention to climate change as it's as natural as nature itself.  I am no fan of Michael Savage as his warlike persona seeps through every now and then, but kudos to him for not towing the line on the "global warming" (new name "climate change") religion.

Let it happen, let the hole in the ozone layer extend to even the size of a country or two, it's not going
to be the end of us.  The end of us is going to be at the hands of the elite bastards responsible for brainwashing  and controlling  us and torturing us into accepting the neverending  wars on Muslim nations.

At one point, when Savage says he would like to know what the 2% of scientists who dissent from the global warming mantra have to say,  poor Larry counters back with "I will go with the 98% of the scientists" or words to that effect.  Just goes to show how much faith people have put in "scientists" and the MSM and the naive hosts like King are just pawns of the govt without even knowing it.   Scientists!!  This special brand of species that couldn't even detect a comet, the size of two football fields, heading towards our part of the solar system until a few days before its arrival.

Yup, scientists ... whether climate or any other kind of sciences, are the people to  be believed outright and treated like gods!!!  We are not likely to go wrong doing that, right?!  Let's just follow the herd. There's comfort in numbers even if  the herd is heading towards the ledge.  Let's distract ourselves from the genocide and mayhem that the USA is raining down on the peoples of this earth by giving heed to "climate change."

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