Friday, November 6, 2015

How pathetic is this? Bush Sr trying to salvage family name

Too late papa Bush!!   Your entire family of fake Christians is doomed to be forever known as the satanic cult that's responsible for the death of thousands of innocent people around the world.  If this family had even a modicum of decency they would have discouraged Jeb Bush from joining the other potential destroyers of the USA who are running for the 2016 presidency.

From GuardianUK:
'Iron-ass' Cheney and 'arrogant' Rumsfeld damaged America, says George Bush Sr

Former president claims hawkish reaction to 9/11 attacks and desire to ‘get our way in the Middle East’ hurt his son’s administration, says new biography

Former US president George HW Bush has hit out at Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, two of the most senior figures in his son’s administration, labelling them too “hardline” and “arrogant” in their handling of the September 11 attacks.

A new biography of the 41st president – Destiny and Power: The American Odyssey Of George Herbert Walker Bush – reveals that Bush Sr held Cheney and Rumsfeld responsible for the hawkish stance that “hurt” his son’s administration, Fox News reported on Wednesday.

The book, by Jon Meacham, is based on audio diaries that Bush recorded during his time in the White House, as well as interviews with the former president and his wife, Barbara.

Cheney served as defence secretary during George HW Bush’s 1989-1993 presidency and later as vice-president under President George W Bush. After 9/11, Bush Sr told his biographer: “I don’t know, he just became very hardline and very different from the Dick Cheney I knew and worked with....

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