Thursday, November 5, 2015

I am now a proud 9/11 truther after listening to and reading Rebekah Roth

The meticulous, time-consuming research that Rebekah Roth, a retired air stewardess with 30 yrs experience working for a major US airline, has done ... is something to be admired.  Sure, her books are doing well and she is making money, and publishing stories about 9/11 has become a booming industry  ... and why not?!  It's the one event that has changed life all over this planet and so it is only fitting that we don't lose our focus on how it happened and get to the bottom of the crime of all crimes.  Roth has taken the trouble to try and open people's eyes to the hundreds of things about that fateful day that have never made sense to millions of people around the world.

The entire vid above, posted a little over a month ago,  is very interesting but also very long.  The first part is an interview with Christopher Bollyn an investigative reporter who had to flee the USA because of certain things he disclosed about 9/11.  I haven't read more on Bollyn so I don't have an opinion about him or his work but the stuff he relates  is very intriguing.  To get to Rebekah Roth's section go to approx. the 1:15 min. mark and listen with an open mind. 

I have read many versions, including the work of Dr.Judy Wood, perhaps the better known of the many trying to make sense of 9/11.  but I dismissed Dr.Wood because she does not have a credible explanation for WTC 7.  I like Roth's explanation.  According to her, a device (plane) meant for that building ran into trouble and didn't make it to that building and so WTC 7 collapsed without a plane crashing into it as it was destined to do, however, without the prop.  That's the best explanation I have ever read for the mysterious collapse of WTC 7.

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