Saturday, September 26, 2015

The total pandering by all three main leaders vying for control of Canada ....

is truly vomit-inducing.

For the first time since my eligibility to vote in Canadian elections,  I won't be going to the voting booths for this election.  If there was an independent running in my riding, then I would have been able to throw in at least a protest vote.  But no such luck.

Harper turned out to be a total disappointment and I have gone off the Cons like so many others who used to be in the Cons camp.

Harper and his Cons are constantly on their knees slurping away for the pro-Israel, Jewish and Ukrainian vote and the Conservative party of Canada under Harper has become a warmongering party. They played a large part in the coup in the Ukraine which has since seen thousands of ethnic Russian civilians,including kids and the elderly in eastern Ukraine, killed by missiles dropped on their houses for no other reason then that the Ukrainians don't like Russian speaking citizens.  They have been giving logistic support to the "opposition" to Assad, the same "opposition" that later morphed into ISIS, and that support from the Conservative govt of Canada has been an ongoing project  from way back 2012.  Why did the Harper conservatives venture into the Syrian and Ukrainian traps?  The answer is crystal clear.  It is the Israeli influence they are under ... nothing else, nothing less.
They didn't then and don't now, put Canada first, just like the Canadian Bibi-bots who support them.  These dual-passport holders care more for the welfare of  Israel than bother to have any concern for what they have let happen to EU and hence in a few short months to North America (think refugees from the MidEast wars ... if you want me to make it any more clear).

As for the NDP and Lib leaders, they are both airheads and  very much ignorant about even the basic Islamic norms and Muslim culture.  Both leaders are under the impression that the niqab is a religious garb and as such Muslim women if they so desire to, they can wear those fucking masks.  Canada in the hands of either one of these two is going to be a haven for  illiterate Muslims just like the kind these two are now pandering to. Even the Supreme Court of Canada is illiterate about Islam.  

Intelligent and progressive Muslims know that niqab should be banned in Canada, but those kind of  Muslims are in their minority. 

Hopefully, some of us will learn to live with the incoming Muslim hordes or keep our silence.  There's nothing much any of us can do now to prevent the sequence of events unfolding.

I am off on a vacation very soon.  Will be back just in time to watch the election fiasco.
  No matter which party wins the election, we are all losers.

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