Friday, September 18, 2015

Map of Europe's Refugee Crisis

Where are the refugees coming from and where are they going?  Are they all genuine refugees?  Are they all running away from wars? 

No matter how we look at this situation, the end result is crystal clear.  Europe is finished, that's very clear to see.  It's downhill from now on for Europe.

See for yourselves what wars can do not only to your own present state of security but to your future and the future of your family and all your descendants....and all because you chose to side with countries not your own (Israel, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia) and because you refrained from criticizing your government and getting it to move away from the disastrous stance it was taking ... in fact you encouraged your govt to bomb, bomb, bomb away ... didn't you.

If USA had not initiated coups, civil wars and unrest in far away countries on behalf of their "client states" what we see today would have not come about. These are the consequences of narrow and short-sighted foreign policy makers who will never be brought to justice for their horrendous crimes inflicted on the citizens of the now broken countries of Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, etc.

If Canadians and Americans are feeling snug and relieved that the refugees won't find their way here, at least not in hundreds of thousands, all I can say is "HAH!".  They are coming and along with them is coming the fierce, aggressive, intolerance of anything non-Muslim.  Bet all of you clamoring to drop bombs on Assad, Gadhafi, Saddam Hussein and the mountains of Afghanistan are now happy and singing merry songs to your hearts' content.

From BusinessInsider:
This map shows   the routes of Europe's refugee nightmare — and how it's getting worse
More than 150,000 refugees entered the European Union in August, increasing the total to more than half a million for the year, the European Union border agency announced.

Though the number of refugees entering Europe had steadily increased over the past 10 months, European leaders were slow to respond, leading to what the EU migration commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos called the worst refugee crisis facing Europe since World War II.
Where the refugees are coming from — and where they're going.......

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