Saturday, September 19, 2015

Weekend viewing of some videos that show the folly of Western-instigated coups, regime changes and wars ...

AND all because of the warmongering bastards in the Bush and Obama administrations.  Now, mixed with the genuine refugees, be prepared to welcome a big dose of jihadis.  Did you think you were far, far away from Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and making a profit off wars and obeying the powers-that-be controlling you, would keep danger from ever touching you or yours personally?  Think again.

Mixed with the "refugees and migrants" are young Sunni men from all over the world, the type who flocked to Syria from late 2011  and are now fleeing the "can't handle anymore" war areas of Syria and Iraq. They are, of course, without any documentation and if at all they possess Syrian passports,  those kind are being churned out in the same areas where you will find the printing presses that have given the world  jihadi magazines. Let's hope the EU authorities will be able to detect the rotten apples from the genuine refugees.  BUT ... don't hold your breath.

USA-created wars have given the world USA-created refugees and they are now invading USA puppet countries of Europe.  Invasion without any blood shed nor a bullet fired. 
This is  Karma, dear Watson ... nothing but Karma!

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