Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Harper Conservatives make sense whereas Canada's Supreme Court has gone gaga mad

Ugh!  Who the fuck are the bastards and bitches sitting in power in Canada's Supreme Court?  Whoever they are, they will now be partly responsible for having brought up the subject of the niqab and given the Cons a chance to show that they speak logic on this topic unlike the other parties and the Supremes.   I would have thought that the Supreme Court would research a little further and come to the realization that the face covering  has NOTHING TO DO WITH RELIGION but was a mode of dress which was a necessity in the sand dunes of most of  Arabia and parts of Africa and the reason for the face cover was because the regions had constant dust storms which affected everybody venturing outside their homes.  Even the men there, at one time, covered their faces because of the elements. And, even to this day, when the desert conditions turn nasty, the men cover their faces to shield their eyes from the flying sand.  NOTHING TO DO WITH RELIGION.

The latest polls are sure to show the Cons at the top again ... thanks to the three doddering, brainless Supremes. 
This misstep by the Supremes is going to ensure that the progressive Muslims who were probably averse to Harper because of his constant kneeling and bowing to Israel and taking Canada into Syria, will now re-think their stance .... because believe you me ...  they have not left their own countries to come here and be confronted with the same medeival, illiterate cavemen thinking they thought they had escaped from.
Libs and NDP have dug their own graves.  Well done idiots!

From CBC
Niqab ruling   to be appealed to Supreme Court, Tories say
Conservatives vow to reintroduce niqab ruling within 100 days of re-election

Conservatives doubled down on their position that women should not wear face coverings during citizenship ceremonies, saying the government would take the matter to the Supreme Court, while vowing to reintroduce the niqab ban within 100 days of re-election.

On Tuesday, the Federal Court  of Appeal dismissed the government's appeal of an earlier Federal Court ruling that declared the ban on face coverings at such ceremonies was unlawful.
The decision stemmed from the case of Zunera Ishaq, a 29-year-old woman with devout Muslim beliefs who came to Ontario from Pakistan in 2008. She refused to take part in a citizenship ceremony because she would have to show her face under a ban introduced in 2011.
The three-judge panel ruled from the bench, saying they wanted to proceed quickly so that Ishaq could obtain her citizenship in time to vote in the Oct. 19 federal election.........
One of Ishaq's lawyers, Marlys Edwardh, said the Immigration Department would be contacted this week so she could attend a citizenship ceremony — accompanied by her lawyers "just in case."​ ..........

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