Sunday, September 13, 2015

Stephen Harper's economics

Isn't this simply great?!! 
Here we are,  officially in a recession, but the Harper government is bestowing taxpayers' hard-earned money on a country that has a Nazi party in its parliament and is run by oligarchs who have looted the country and keep looting it. Ukraine has a government that's hell-bent on ethnic cleaning parts of Ukraine from Russian-speaking Ukrainians and our blasted Canadian government is helping those in power there to carry out their unholy task because we are all supposed to hate Russia and Russians????!!!!!!


From NationalPost:
‘Most efficient option’:  Canada paid $1.6 million to ship $5 million worth of military goods to Ukraine
The Canadian government spent $1.6 million to ship $5 million worth of surplus tents, sleeping bags and other military goods last August to Ukraine, according to figures obtained by the Ottawa Citizen.

The equipment, sent by Canadian Forces aircraft, included sleeping bags the military estimates are worth $437 each and four-man tents worth $420.

Helmets, and ballistic eyewear, as well as medical supplies, were also transported.

The shipment proved to be a public relations bonanza for the Conservative government which is courting the Ukrainian-Canadian vote in the upcoming federal election.

The Canadian Forces paid for much of the transport price tag out of its budget. The figure was in addition to the regular cost of personnel and equipment. Some of the transport cost was also covered by the Foreign Affairs budget.

“To expedite delivery of these items, the Government of Canada concluded that using its military aircraft was the most efficient option,” Foreign Affairs spokesman Fran├žois Lasalle stated in an email about the August 2014 shipments. “Canada is committed to standing with the people of Ukraine in the face of Putin’s military aggression,” he added.

In November the Canadian government spent another $485,000 to ship some surplus coats, pants, boots and gloves to Ukraine by military aircraft.....

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