Monday, October 19, 2015

For what it's worth ...

here's my prediction before the close tonight.

Trudeau wins with a majority. 

Harper loses because we don't want a party pandering to Israel and taking orders from Israel  and USA on Ukraine, Syria, Iran or any other country anywhere else in the world. We don't want a govt. bending to the will of Ukrainian Canadians, whether they be Jewish or otherwise. We don't want a govt. bending to the will of anybody in the blatant fashion that Harper and his Cons have been doing. We don't want our govt involving itself in the affairs of another country ... whether with support (like in the case of Ukraine and Israel) and war-like (like in the case of Russia, Iran and Syria).  We don't want Canada involved in any war ... PERIOD.
We don't want a govt whose leader encouraged the  butcher of Gaza to go forth and do genocide.
Goodbye Harper, goodbye Cons.  This party is over for now and for at least another decade.

NDP's downfall to the level it has slipped was to do with Mulcair's statement on the niqab.  This incident will go down in Canadian history because it shows how the communists lost their footing all thanks to an illiterate immigrant from Pakistan and how our equally illiterate Supreme Court let her stance on the niqab stand as a religious right. This should teach the far left that on some issues, especially to do with Islam, it is not a good thing to pander to islamists hoping for their votes.  Heck, most of them don't even go to the polls....but try telling that to the lefty nuts.

If my prediction is wrong, I will give up blogging on political issues.

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