Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Turkey's Erdogan is playing a dangerous game which will ultimately bring down his govt

Is Erdogan  really coming down hard on the very jihadis he was arming, funding and instigating against the Assad govt, in his attempts to please his US and EU allies or is he arresting members of the Kurdish parties and pretending he is cleaning up the jihadi nests?

How could he be cleaning up jihadi haunts if at the same time Turkish airlines are reported to be flying planeloads of ISIS from Syria to fight the Houthis in Yemen? 
Moreover, the Erdogan govt's actions against opponent's media outlets   is going to back fire.  The recent actions ongoing in Turkey have all the ingredients for the brewing of a civil war and the person to blame is Erdogan, the wannabe caliph.

Turkey arrests 44 suspected Daesh members in country wide raids
Security forces detained  at least 44 people in anti-terrorist raids carried out simultaneously across three Turkish provinces on Tuesday, Turkish security sources said.

The operations were carried out in Konya, Kocaeli and Istanbul provinces early morning targeting suspected Daesh members, the sources said.

In Konya, central Anatolian province, 30 suspects were detained, while 14 others were detained in northwestern Kocaeli province.

Security forces backed by police helicopters also carried out an operation in Istanbul’s Sultanbeyli district; however, the exact number of suspects detained there remained unknown. At least one suspect reportedly got injured while trying to run away from the police and was taken to the hospital. Another suspect fled and disappeared into nearby forestland........

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