Monday, October 19, 2015

The callousness and heartlessness of the western MSM in ignoring the ongoing genocide in Yemen ...

is beyond vomit-inducing.  The genocide is being committed by the coalition of  KSA and other Sunni  govt governing states of Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Sudan and if rumors are to be believed, Pakistan is also involved. This coalition is operating under the good graces of the American war machine - make no mistake about that.  The silence of the North American media as well as the largely silent European media  should be enough to tell you that the US influence on the media is dark and dangerous and does not bode well for the ordinary mortals of this world of ours.
Latest news (see vid at bottom) seem to indicate that the Houthis have started targeting areas deep into Saudi Arabia.  I take that as a good sign.

Samuel Oakford writing at ViceNews:
'All We Could Find Were Body Parts': America's Role in Yemen's Civilian Carnage

On the morning of September 28, two families gathered in the southwestern Yemeni village of Wahija for the wedding of a young couple.

Dozens of women were inside a large wooden structure owned by the family of the groom, Merssal Mosaibas, helping to prepare for the festivities. A few male relatives and guests, both men and boys, were outside.

At about 9:30am, the familiar roar of Saudi-led coalition jets was heard overhead. Some people fled as the planes approached, fearing an attack, but many women and children remained inside. Bombs started falling shortly after 10am, the first striking near where the men had gathered. The structure, held up by tree branches and covered with a tarp, was obliterated minutes later. Mosaibas was nearby, but survived the attack; his bride, Hanen Makhrama, had not arrived yet from her nearby village.

The women and children inside the structure, however, were killed.

Wedding guest Shadi Taha told VICE News over the phone that the attack turned what had been a scene of joy and celebration into one of horror. Body parts were scattered all over, tree branches flecked with pieces of skin.
"There were only small, small pieces," he recalled. "People were small, small pieces of meat."

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