Tuesday, October 20, 2015

If the EU leaders are so dumb they fail to understand what's happening ....

then take it for granted that Pegida-like groups will spring up in all corners of Europe.

I can fully understand the fear of the Pegida spokeswoman in the vid below. This is what happens when governments take action on issues which don't have the approval of the population at large. If you think similar stuff can't happen in North America, think again.

The Muslim invasion is not going hand-in-hand with EU culture.  Sad that the EU leaders don't see what she sees and therein lies the bloody upheaval we are doomed to witness in the near future.

All this is unfolding only because the same dumb EU leaders let Obama twist them into little pieces of putty and forced them to support USA's disastrous foreign policy in the Middle East  viz the changing of the leadership in Syria for the  benefit of Saudi Arabia, Israel and Qatar so the gas and oil pipelines could run through a new Syria - a Sunni stronghold and a clone of Saudi Arabia.  EU is a full partner with the USA, KSA, Qatar, Israel and others for the conflicts in Syria and Libya and fully deserves what's happening to it now.  Karma is a bitch.

In one fell swoop USA expected to please their clients in the Middle East and help Israel get rid of Assad which it has been panting to do for years. The  quarter of a million+ people losing their lives in the conflict has no bearing on what the Empire wants, no bearing whatsoever. 

The millions of  refugees now invading EU are not just from Syria.  The citizens of other Sunni Muslim countries have seen their chance to get out of their hellholes and move to better grounds.  Only hitch is that, as most of us know by now, once Muslims land in the West they start changing it to reflect the hellholes they have ran away from.  **sigh**

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