Wednesday, October 28, 2015

America MUST be sued for trillions of dollars by the surviving citizens of Yemen

Looking a few years in the future, I can see millions of Yeminis filing criminal lawsuits at The Hague against the United States of America for the crimes done to them by the USA via the KSA and the KSA coalition. Each and every surviving Yemeni should demand that amends be made a 100-fold.  I hope vengeance will be theirs.

Nahal Toosi writing at Politico:
Obama officials at odds   over Saudi airstrikes.
As civilian casualties mount in Yemen, some worry the U.S. is abetting war crimes.

Saudi Arabia’s airstrikes in Yemen, conducted with U.S. assistance,
are alleged to have killed at least 1,500 civilians, dividing members of the Obama administration over whether the U.S. risks being accused of abetting war crimes in a bombing campaign that could ultimately strengthen Islamist militants.

Sources inside the administration say they are struggling to keep in check
the opposing sides in Yemen, one of the clearest examples of the intensifying Saudi-Iran proxy war in the Middle East. But even as reports of civilian suffering and terrorist gains pile up, U.S. officials believe that reducing American support for the Saudis could make the situation even worse.

The White House does not want to anger Saudi Arabia, a vital, oil-rich ally already unhappy with President Barack Obama’s decision to pursue a nuclear deal with Iran. At the same time, what many hoped would be a short Saudi-led campaign against the Iran-backed Houthi rebels who overthrew Yemen’s government is now entering its eighth month with no end in sight.

“The White House is increasingly frustrated with the Saudis, and they’re trying to figure out how to handle it,” said one foreign policy expert familiar with the administration’s deliberations. Private conversations seem to be having limited effect, the source said, but "the U.S. is walking on such eggshells around Saudi when it comes to the public domain that they’re not willing to ramp up their public pressure."

That hesitation appears to be deepening internal rifts in the administration. A former U.S. official said the divisions are between administration members who fear “this humanitarian toll is ultimately going to be a stain on our reputation and we’re going to end up holding the blame.......

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