Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Talented Mr.Obama .....

and the continuing saga of his elusive birth certificate. I find it fascinating that this document is under lock and key and it would be far easier to raid Fort Knox and come away with tonnes of gold but nobody, and I mean nobody, can get even a whiff of this little piece of paper that documents the messiah's birth.  How's that for transparency?

The two-year anniversary of “Passportgate” was this past Monday, March 14. Passportgate was the covert “accessing” of passport records by three contractors at the State Department. Two of the contractors were fired. The contractor who was not fired, but only disciplined, worked for The Analysis Corporation. John O. Brennan is the president of The Analysis Corporation. He is also a former CIA official and is now Deputy National Security Adviser for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism.      read on


  1. There are a lot of negatives for which Obama deserves to be challenged. I don't think the birth certificate allegation is the winning issue. I listened to Adler Online today and I am inclined to agree with Chuck that Glenn Beck is losing his mind, if its not already lost.

  2. This could be interesting, but who John F Sweeny? I can't find any person of that name listed as an expert in tech analysis of documents, let alone documents he has not held in his own hands.

  3. Obama publicly released his birth certificate. He was born in Hawaii.

  4. If Adler said Beck is losing his mind, it's the first true thing I've heard Adler quoted on in years.

  5. Yeah, the next time Patrick bitches about lefty blogs and their 'selective comment policy', I'll remind him of yours...

  6. Sparky - your gibberish might be understood by the other idiots in the sandbox. Shoo ... go away and play with them little one. I have no time for you or your kind.

  7. so now you just selectively post my comments in order to... what?
    It's obvious you have time to post my comments when they suit your needs, but when I post something you dislike...
    And my comment even agreed with Patrick.
    Post that one. Until then, you're the small school girl playing in the big playground, 'little one'

  8. Sparky you are an idiot. You would rather believe that I did not post your comment, especially as you say you agreed with Patrick's take on the BC, but you want to give Google blogspot technology full points for efficiency.

    Of course, I, like many other bloggers of all political stripes, delete comments at my whim and fancy. And I don't give a s**t who criticizes me about that. However, your earlier comment had not been received and I just checked my "rejected" folder if I had ticked marked your "precious" comment too for outer space. No... it was not there either.
    What a silly lot you guys on the left happen to be. Kiddos all.

  9. Stop with your tall tales, Maria.
    Patrick is right in what he said in this comment thread.
    I stated that in a comment, you received it, and decided to not post it because it goes against whatever little lying agenda you got going on here. To further conflate your idiocy, you then posted my next comment with your little yippage in rebuttal.
    And now you're walking down the same road that so many of your fellow travellers have walked down--deny, lie, deny, lie, deny, lie...
    Well Maria, you can click your heels together all you wish, but you're not going anywhere.
    How about take Patricks advice and understand that "Obama publicly released his birth certificate. He was born in Hawaii" and offer up one of those there mea culpas and surprise us all by telling the truth for a change...
    Until then, you're a little disingenuous hack that just wants to whine about "those big meanies" who consistantly point out the truth to you.
    We're waiting...

  10. Sparky the moron ... save those fast depleting brain cells of yours by not making any more comments at my blog because anything else from you will not get posted any more. My blog my rules.


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