Friday, March 24, 2017

World's scariest drug "Devil's Breath"

I am willing to bet that this particular drug or something like it was given by ISIS aka al Qaeda aka headchoppers to their zombie-like prisoners, those we saw on those numerous videos, before beheading or burning them alive. 
I am also wondering if similar substances + hypnotism is being used on Muslim "terrorists" by ghoulish puppet masters. The puppet masters could be within the ranks of the ISIS/al Qaeda/headchoppers or outside it....even in the government bodies of the West.

Yes, I no longer trust any of them.  Killing one's own citizens to serve  the higher green greedy god of money, is in almost all  politicians' DNA.
Funny that almost all Muslim "terrorists" somehow meet their ends only after they have done most of the nasty, but meet their end they do .... so we the general public never get to hear their end of the terror event.

The VICE documentary below has collected 22M+ views. Worth watching.

Here what  has to say about this drug. 


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