Thursday, March 23, 2017

NATO is sooo regressive. Who in their right mind want wars? Russia and China are the true progressives

IMO, neither Russia nor China will make the first move if our planet sees another WW.  If at all one of them is purported to have attacked a NATO member or one of their neighbours, that would surely be  a false flag event. Those of us with our eyes wide open, know by now who are the demonic entities well versed in such false attacks. 
Both countries are more for trade and improvement of it ... not for wars. Wars are the daily wishes and desires of the unsavory warmongers found in plenty in the USA, Israel, UK and the EU.

Gilbert Doctorow at ConsortiumNews
What Russia Wants — and Expects

As Democrats and the mainstream U.S. media focus intensely on still unproven charges of Russian election meddling to explain Hillary Clinton’s surprising defeat, the furor has forced an embattled President Trump to retreat from his plans to cooperate with Russia on fighting terrorism and other global challenges.
Amid the anti-Russian hysteria, Trump’s Cabinet members and United Nations ambassador have gone out of their way to reiterate the tough policy positions of the Obama administration with respect to Russia, underlining that nothing has changed. For its part, Congress has plunged into McCarthyistic hearings aimed at Trump supporters who may have met with Russians before the 2016 elections.

Meanwhile, the Kremlin has duly noted these developments in Washington. In Moscow, the breakthrough in relations that some had hoped for is now dismissed as improbable. On the other hand, while the United States is tearing itself apart in partisan fighting, Russia is getting a much-needed breather from the constant ratcheting up of pressure from the West that it experienced over the past three years.

We hear from Russian elites more and more how they plan to proceed on the international stage in the new circumstances. The byword is self-reliance and pursuit of the regional and global policies that have been forming over the past couple of years as the confrontation with the United States escalated.

These policies have nothing to do with some attack on the Baltic States or Poland, the nightmare scenarios pushed by neoconservatives and liberal interventionists in the U.S. and the European Union. The Russian plans also have nothing to do with subversion of elections in France or Germany, the other part of the fevered imaginations of the West.....

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