Saturday, March 11, 2017

Mexico .... Expensive chocolates and cheap street food

We were lucky to be in Mexico City during the weekend a Chocolate Festival and Chocolates and Eggs exhibition was being held in the city centre.

Below some pics of the chocolates and buyers milling around the offers.  The chocolates on sale inside the hall were, IMO,  not cheap,  but there were several dozen stalls outside the main halls where vendors and buyers made themselves pretty happy.

Street food, especially in Mexico City, is unbelievably  cheap. We snacked on corn tacos, tortas and quesadillas every chance we got. These all come  filled with meat - mainly pork or chicken +  with powerfully spicy green or red chili sauces.. Although, we had packed some strips of Imodium, none of us had need for them. 

Below some pics from my camera. They include one art display titled "Jaque Mate" which I thought was a nice play on words.  Also included is a pic of the door of an upscale choc shop. Notice the gold lances shaped like cocoa beans. We bought a bag of chocs from the shop and before we reached the hotel, they were all gone.


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