Friday, March 31, 2017

The vomit-inducing hypocrisy of the 1%ters

A "must read" on the stench of hypocrisy wafting up and polluting our planet in a more disastrous way than anything else ever known to earthlings ... and almost all of it coming from the leaders of the Western nations and their hangers-on.

Felicity Arbuthnot at DissidentVoice
Westminster Attack: Courage, Cowardice and Double Standards

The attack outside and inside London’s Westminster Parliament just before 4 pm local time on Wednesday 22nd March resulted in five deaths, including the assailant and forty injured. The confirmed British-born attacker, Adrian Elms – but with a number of alias’ including the much quoted Khalid Masood – drove a grey Hyundai SUV over Westminster Bridge, which spans the River Thames as it flows past Parliament, mounting the pavement and mowing down pedestrians crossing the great span, with it’s panoramic city views.

Some forty people were injured, twenty nine treated in hospital, with seven initially in a critical condition. Speaking in Parliament the next morning Prime Minister Theresa May listed the injured including twelve Britons, three of whom were police officers returning from an Award ceremony, three French children, two Romanians, four South Koreans, one Pole, one Irish, one Chinese, one Italian, an American and two Greeks....

.....Safely back in her official residence, behind Downing Street’s fortified walls and soaring iron gates, guarded by colleagues of PC Palmer, she paid tribute to the emergency services: “ … these exceptional men and women ran towards the danger even as they encouraged others to move the other way.”

She talked of terrorists targeting Parliament because they hated the “values our Parliament represents – democracy, freedom, human rights, the rule of law” and the “spirit of (it’s engendered) freedom that echoes in some of the furthest corners of the globe.”

It has to be wondered whether those still under bombardment from the UK or its ally the US, in Afghanistan after sixteen years, Iraq after fourteen years, in Libya, Syria, Yemen; Palestinians remembering the decimation the Balfour Declaration has wrought on them for generations – when May had declared that in this, its centenary year, it is to be remembered in special UK “celebrations” – share quite such a starry eyed view of the “values”, “human rights” and “freedoms” etc., emanating from ”the Mother of Parliaments.”....

....A spokesman for the US led Mosul slaughter:

    Operation Inherent Resolve”, responded with: “The coalition respects human life, which is why we are assisting our Iraqi partner forces in their effort to liberate their lands from ISIS brutality.

He has clearly forgotten what the US has demonstrated in Iraq – with a brief break – fourteen years of their “respect for human life” – and the comment from a bewildered senior US military man to Major General Antonio Taguba during his investigation into the horrors, torture and death inflicted by US forces at Abu Ghraib: “But they were only Iraqis.”

Another friend provided me unwittingly with the conclusion for this inadequate piece on towering double standards. Thank you:

    Do we not all bleed the same?

    8/3 Kabul, Afghanistan – 49 dead. Silence

    9/3 Tikrit, Iraq – 30 dead. Silence

    11/3 Damascus, Syria – 74 dead. Silence

    15/3 Damascus, Syria – 40 dead. Silence

    16/3 Al-Jineh, Syria – 46 dead. Silence

    21/3 Raqqa, Syria – 33 dead. Silence

    21/3 Westminster, London – 5 dead.

    22/3 Mosul, Iraq – 240 dead. Silence

    They say we are all born equal.

    But only the (Western deemed) “worthy” die as humans.

    The others are simply forgotten.......

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