Saturday, March 11, 2017

Mexico ... Mexicans' Fascination with the Day of the Dead ...

known to most of us Christians as  All Souls Day.

Although, we were in Mexico in February and the Day of the Dead was celebrated months before that, the skeletal figures dressed up in fine red gowns and set up in various public arenas were prominently in view.  Check out pics from my camera below.

In a local market in the middle of Mexico City, with a myriad of tiny little lanes cramped with shops selling every kind of merchandise your heart desires, imagine our surprise when we came across what you see in the second pic below. 

What I liked most about Mexico is the fact that it's a Catholic country and the evidence of it is everywhere.
Missing "prominently" were waddling black tents.  So lovely!! Unlike Toronto. *sigh*

A short while before coming upon this place, we had heard the chiming of bells like the call for The Angelus and saw a Catholic priest with his acolyte, both chanting prayers while walking along the same little corridor with what looked like some kind of offering. We tried to follow the two to satisfy our curiosity as to what was going on but lost them in the maze of shops and the throng of people.  Were they there to lay an offering at the altar of the skeleton or at the altar of Jesus ... we wish we had seen.

If you want to learn more about the custom of the Day of the Dead, go here and here.

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