Friday, March 31, 2017

The Korea Problem

Only the brain dead will believe all the negative propaganda originating from the USA and from their minions the UK and others, on North Korea. 
While the USA+gang portrays North Korea as evil incarnate, they will never ever even whisper about the goings-on in their colony of South Korea.

Keith Harmon Snow at DissidentVoice
The Korea Problem

The United States and its allies have embarked on a dangerous path of aggression against the government of North Korea and its allies China and Russia.

As usual, the western propaganda system presents a near unified front showing how horrible and atrocious the North Korean government is purported to be, and how murderous and ruthless and amoral their intentions are purported to be, and how their military objectives and missile programs — now allegedly targeting the “free” world–are out to dominate the rest of the world, starting with their deadly missiles being launched against the United States and our ally Japan.  So goes the propaganda.

Let’s look again

The people of South Korea — a country occupied by the US military since 1950 with between 326,000 US soldiers (during the Korean War) and 28,500 US soldiers (today) — have seen massive human rights violations, repression and state terrorism.  Since the first military dictator was installed in South Korea by the United States military in 1953, the Republic of Korea (ROK) has perpetrated massive atrocities against its own citizens and against citizens in other countries.  This is a so-called “member of the international community.”...

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