Monday, June 6, 2016

The taking of children by the State on the filmsiest of excuses is happening in the UK, in Norway, in Israel and ....

who knows in how many more God-forsaken countries.

It could be happening right here in Canada and down south in the USA, but as this unholy activity, has become a big bucks business and that means those owning the MSM are also taking a piece of that sinful pie, we are not likely to hear about it until someone in the Alternative Media takes the time and trouble to research this issue and bring it to light.

How can kids be wrenched from their parents on the say-so of  psychopaths social workers and put into foster homes or given up for adoption without the parents' permission?
Are these Nazis social workers, parents themselves?  I would think one would have to be a parent to empathize and understand the bond between parents and their offspring.  If these misfits social workers have no kids of their own, their suitability to such a job should be rendered mute. PERIOD! 

Perhaps on a very small scale, a VERY, VERY, VERY minutely small scale, the taking away of a child from its parent(s) is justified. However, whatever is happening in most cases we are now hearing about, the State is in the wrong, mightily!


Erin Elizabeth at HealthNutNews
“Give me my baby back!” 
Baby Santiago latest victim of UK Medical Kidnapping
Editor’s note: This is a guest piece from my friend Claire Calvey of the Richie Allen Show (which I’ve been on). Listen and watch. XO Erin
When young couple Leonardo Edwards and Iolanda Menino discovered they were expecting their first baby they were over the moon. Leonardo, a businessman and Iolanda – a fiery Portuguese woman ­who works in cardiology, planned a homebirth and looked forward to a bright future with their new baby.

What should have been a straightforward homebirth went downhill quickly when their midwife showed up just ten minutes before the birth and was allegedly more concerned about getting a parking ticket than assisting the delivery.

Iolanda lost two litres of blood after a botched attempt to deliver the placenta (or after birth) after Santiago was delivered and was rushed to hospital by paramedics. In the hospital Iolanda went straight into “theatre” (as they call it there) and delivered the placenta (baby Santiago wasn’t even a patient as the hospital didn’t deliver him!). His father was just holding him and waiting to see his wife would be alright.

At this point it became clear the hospital was behaving in a hostile manner towards the couple, repeatedly asking for a name for the as yet un-named baby and generally behaving in an unkind and unprofessional way towards them. It’s hard to know at this point if the couple’s baby had already been targeted for adoption, but certainly at best there was a cultural and personality clash occurring. Iolanda was eventually discharged and they returned home with their baby to begin a new life as a family of three.

Their happiness was short­lived. The following day a midwife arrived to their door demanding to be allowed in to see the baby. Iolanda, exhausted from having not yet slept turned her away telling her to come back with an appointment. This may have been her first big mistake; it is implicitly understood by women in the UK that it is a midwife’s God­given right to be allowed access to your home and baby following birth and only the bravest would turn her away. Being Portuguese, Iolanda was not aware of this and so wasn’t intimidated.

Shortly afterwards a policeman arrived at the door demanding to see the baby, when Iolanda once again refused he asked her to simply hold the baby up to the window .....

The Richie Allen show was an outlet for several grieving, mentally tortured parents whose children have been snatched by the State's hoodlums social workers.

AND, wouldn't you know it!  BBC does not breathe a word about the "kidnapping" of kids by the social workers on behalf of the State, instead the BBC writes a lengthy article on how the State needs more social workers and how there are plenty of vacancies for such Nazified posts and less takers because of criticism from the general public heaped on the State's Nazis. Why would there be that many vacancies in one particular kind of job? Could it be because the kidnapping activity by the State has increased and not because of people leaving those posts as the journalist implies? I suspect the former. 
We are really and truly living in an Orwellian world. There's no question about it!

Daniel Wainwright at BBC
England children's social worker posts almost 20% vacant

Almost a fifth of all children's social worker jobs in England are vacant, despite a rise in recruitment.

Councils are relying on agency workers to cover nearly 4,000 out of 5,500 otherwise empty posts.

Social workers say they are under constant pressure because of media coverage and criticism of their role in high profile cases such as the death of Ayeeshia Jane Smith.

Local authorities say social workers leave for better pay as agency staff.

And the Department for Education (DFE) said it was investing £100m to recruit graduates and professionals.

But the NSPCC says social workers are facing an increasing workload, including from a 72% rise in referrals from ChildLine. It urged councils not to allow vacancies to result in children slipping "through the net".

There were 26,500 full time equivalent posts filled by children's social workers at the end of September 2015, 1,880 more than the year before. Yet a further 5,470 were vacant.

The number of agency workers filling vacant posts was equivalent to more than double the total number of employed children's social workers in the North East.

Official figures showed there were 4,400 new starters as children's social workers in English councils between September 2014 and September 2015. Over the same period, 4,200 people left. The picture varies from council to council.


I wonder if Israel learned about this big biz from the UK and Norway or was it the other way around. 
Listen from the 22 min mark.


Tim Whewell at BBC
Norway's Barnevernet: They took our four children… then the baby

The case of a young couple in Norway whose five children were taken away by the state has fuelled mounting concern within the country and abroad over its child protection practices. Protesters around the world - and leading Norwegian professionals - say social workers are often too quick to separate children from their families, with too little justification, particularly when parents are immigrants.

Ruth and Marius's life was torn apart without warning one Monday afternoon last November when two black cars approached the farm where they live in a remote Norwegian valley.

Their two little boys, aged five and two, and their three-month-old baby son, were in their big, bright, modern living room overlooking the steel-grey fjord.

Ruth was waiting as usual for the school bus that would bring back their two daughters, aged eight and 10.

But that Monday, it never came. Instead, Ruth saw the two unknown cars. One continued along the main road; the other turned up the farm track - and a woman from the local child protection service knocked at the door.

She told Ruth to come to the police station for interrogation.

The woman said the other black car had taken Ruth's two daughters away, into emergency state care. And she told Ruth to hand over her two older sons to be taken away, too.

The following day, two black cars appeared again. The couple assumed it had all been a terrible mistake and the children had been brought back.

But they were wrong. Four policemen got out. And took the baby. ...

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