Thursday, June 9, 2016

Accused of murdering Yemeni children, Saudi Arabia asks of the UN: "Why was Israel removed from the list last year?”

These are the consequences when disgusting folks around the world,  but especially in the USA, EU, Australia, New Zealand and Canada ... keep their eyes and mouths shut to the crimes being committed by Israel, especially when it goes on a rampage killing children.
If the West's beloved pet Israel can get away dropping bombs on civilians and innocent kids, then the floodgates have been opened  for other despicable nations to do the same and turn around when accused to slap the accusers with "double standards" ... and they are right in doing so.

Such are the consequences when money and power + a false sense of loyalty, makes people lose their integrity, morality and righteousness.

Colum Lynch at ForeignPolicy:
Saudi Arabia Threatened to Break Relations With U.N. Over Human Rights Criticism in Yemen.

Saudi Arabia threatened this week to break relations with the United Nations and cut hundreds of millions of dollars in assistance to its humanitarian relief and counterterrorism programs to strong-arm the U.N. into removing Riyadh and its allies from a blacklist of groups that are accused of harming children in armed conflict.

The threat — which has not been previously reported — worked, and the U.N. subsequently dropped the Saudis from a rogues’ gallery of the world’s worst violators of children’s rights in conflict zones....

...Riyadh was enraged after U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon included the Saudi-led military coalition in Yemen on a list of countries, rebel movements, and terrorist organizations that killed, maimed, or otherwise abused children in conflict. ...

...“It appears that political power and diplomatic clout have been allowed to trump the U.N.’s duty to expose those responsible for the killing and maiming of more than 1,000 of Yemen’s children,” Sajjad Mohammad Sajid, Oxfam’s country director in Yemen, said in a statement. “The decision to retract its finding is a moral failure and goes against everything the U.N. is meant to stand for.”...

...Pushing Monday for Riyadh to be delisted, Saudi Arabia’s U.N. ambassador, Abdallah al-Mouallimi, said it was unfair for Israel to be quietly let off the hook, while the kingdom initially was not.

“We have to ask the question: Why was Israel removed from the list last year?” Mouallimi said. “Israel has been guilty of crimes against children that are far in excess of even the inaccurate numbers that report contains about Yemen.”...

....But hours later, Mouallimi praised Ban for seeing the light and reversing his position.

Taking Riyadh off the list “clearly vindicates” the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen, he told reporters. The U.N. decision, he insisted, is “irreversible and unconditional.”...

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