Tuesday, June 21, 2016

BREXIT ... debates and what the polls say

Oliver Wright at Independent
EU referendum: Polls suggest  Remain pulling back lead after late surge for Leave
YouGov says it has detected a shift in opinion, with more undecided voters backing Remain
The first opinion polls on the EU referendum since the killing of the MP Jo Cox have suggested the ‘Remain’ campaign is pulling back into the lead.

There has been widespread speculation that the Labour MP's death could result in a shift in public opinion against the Leave campaign.

On Saturday, an exclusive Comres poll for The Independent that was carried out either side of the killing suggested there may have been a swing in support towards the pro-EU camp.

Of the 2,046 interviews carried out in the poll, 200 were done after the news of the attack emerged.....

Two vids below, one from ITV of June 8, has Nigel Farage and David Cameron making their different pitches.
The second vid is from BBC's Question Time where Cameron campaigning for the "Remain" side kept referring to "experts" advising that leaving EU  would  be an economical disaster for Britain, got him nothing but ridicule from the audience, many of whom didn't hesitate to tell him what they thought of "expert advice".

Ann Gripper, Dan Bloom at Mirror
EU referendum 2016 poll tracker: Is Britain heading 
for Brexit and what does the UK think of Europe?
Latest poll results and trends as ICM, YouGov, Ipsos Mori, ORB, ComRes and other pollsters survey voters' intentions to vote Leave or Remain in the referendum on Britain's membership of the European Union - but will they get it right?

There are just days left until polls open for the EU referendum on June 23 - and new polls are coming thick and fast.

Leave has gained ground over the closing stages, with increasing numbers of poll results pointing to Brexit, although generally when undecided voters are excluded.

The Europe question has split the Tory party, with key Conservatives Michael Gove and Boris Johnson part of the Leave campaign and David Cameron avoiding going head to head with any of his fellow Blues.

With undecided voters holding the balance of power, the final EU referendum debates could be crucial in helping people make up their minds.

But as MPs declare which way they will vote, for many voters it is the views of non politically motivated commentators like the verdict of Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis which they are looking to for information rather than spin.

Polls suggest the decision over Britain's future inside or outside Europe will go to the wire. The bookies have consistently given Remain a bigger lead in the betting than they have in the polls, but Leave is now shortening in the EU referendum betting odds....

Paul Mason at Guardian
Brexit is a fake revolt – working-class culture is being hijacked to help the elite
Leaving the EU won’t guarantee a rise in wages, a cap on rents, or a fall in NHS waiting times and class sizes. The only thing it guarantees is more rightwing Tory control

I love fake revolts of the underclass: I’m a veteran of them. At secondary school, we had a revolt in favour of the right to smoke. The football violence I witnessed in the 1970s and 80s felt like the social order turned on its head. As for the mass outpouring of solidarity with the late Princess Diana, and by implication against the entire cruel monarchic elite, in the end I chucked my bunch of flowers on the pile with the rest.

The problem is, I also know what a real revolt looks like. The miners strike; the Arab spring; the barricade fighting around Gezi Park in Istanbul in 2013. So, to people getting ready for the mother of all revolts on Thursday, I want to point out the crucial difference between a real revolt and a fake one. The elite does not usually lead the real ones. In a real revolt, the rich and powerful usually head for the hills, terrified. Nor are the Sun and the Daily Mail usually to be found egging on a real insurrection....

Lots of info here at Telegraph.
EU referendum: 
What the world is saying - 'Please don't leave!'

Ben Riley-Smith at Telegraph
Leave or Remain in the EU? 
The arguments for and against Brexit

Leave: Britain can never control immigration until it leaves the European Union, because freedom of movement gives other EU citizens an automatic right to live here.
Stay: Leaving will not solve the migration crisis but bring it to Britain’s doorstep because border controls from the Continent will move from Calais in France to Dover in UK.CRIME
Leave: The European Arrest Warrant allows British citizens to be sent abroad and charged for crimes in foreign courts, often for minor offences. Exit would stop this.
Stay: Rapists, murders and other serious criminals who convict offences in Britain can only be returned once fleeing abroad thanks to the European Arrest Warrant. Exit would stop justice being done.....

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