Thursday, June 30, 2016

On the jihadi attack at the Istanbul Ataturk Airport

It was a good thing I got to vacation in Istanbul and thereabouts a few months before all the expected  trouble which is now coming to full bloom in Turkey.  When you wish ill on others, you get double of it thrown back at you.  It's sad that innocent people have to bear the brunt of the totally rotten decisions taken by the elite in their governments.  Unfortunately, that happens to be the case all over the world.  Erdogan started playing with deadly fire when  he decided to make his bed with the USA and the USA/Israel/KSA plans to destroy/divide Syria and get rid of Assad at all costs.  Five long years of suffering for the Syrians, millions made homeless and displaced within Syrian borders, several millions more made into beggars in neighbouring nations (I saw that with my own two eyes in Turkey), millions fleeing to Europe, chaos all over Europe because of the refugee crisis, etc.etc. 

Every time there's trouble in Turkey, what Assad had said about "scorpions kept in pocket can bite the keeper" comes to mind. Turkey's borders have been kept
wide open (and I presume they still are  even to this day, even after the attack)  for jihadis who land in Turkey and make their way to Syria. Turkey was the supplier of poison used in the Ghouta attack which the USA/Israel/KSA/Turkey  did their very best to blame on Assad. That didn't work.  If it had, the full force of NATO led by USA would have slaughtered  probably millions of civilians in Syrian cities in their demonic quest to destroy KSA's  and Israel's sworn enemy.  Collective punishment is what both God-forsaken countries are very good at meting out. 

Below some of the news on the jihadi attack at the airport from various scores. 
One thing of major interest, IMO, is this:  The internet is full of stuff, and has been from the moment of the attack and even at this hour, on the third day, there's still tonnes of additional news on the attack is being littered all over. Pics, vids, interviews with pax, etc. aplenty   UNLIKE THE ORLANDO ATTACK.  Strange, eh?!!!!

This is one of the first reports from June 28

BBC report of June 29
Istanbul Ataturk airport attack: Deaths rise to 41 as Turkey mourns

...Turkish Health Minister Recep Akdag says that 128 people remain in hospital, including nationals of Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine and Switzerland, the Associated Press reports.

The Istanbul city governor said 41 people were killed, including 13 foreign or dual nationals....

.....Nationality of dead so far confirmed (may include dual nationality)

23 - Turkish
5 - Saudi
2 - Iraqi
1 - Chinese; Jordanian; Tunisian; Uzbek; Iranian; Ukrainian; (Palestinian ambassador to Turkey says one Palestinian woman killed)...

Vid published Jun 30

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