Sunday, June 12, 2016

Any which way to antagonize the Russian bear ... that how bad the panting is from the Anglo nations to start a nuclear war

UK football fans are known to be "first class" hooligans.  And, they have been creating havoc from way back 1970s.
No football match in England goes without the "fans" going crazy and creating chaos.
See here for detailed incidents from the Brit football hooligans.
Something in the Brit "working class" psyche goes berserk when it comes to football.  I am not being a bitch, just realistic!

In spite of the UK fans' horrible reputation, the  Uefa has begun disciplinary proceedings against Russia.  Anything and everything, from every single quarter of the USA's zones of  influence, the darts are flung at the Russian bear.  You might think that I am making too much of this football ruling, but when war breaks out
between Russia and NATO for the flimsiest of reasons, you won't think so.  NATO is provoking the Russian bear far too much and in too many ways, to make the first move in this most dangerous game of chess.  I hope Putin won't let some of the hotheads around him push him into the ultimate confrontation.  BUT, one never knows.

 From BBC
Euro 2016: England and Russia given disqualification warning

Uefa has threatened to disqualify England and Russia from Euro 2016 if there is any further violence by fans.

It has begun disciplinary proceedings against Russia - but not England - after "totally unacceptable" scenes at Saturday's England-Russia game.

Footage appeared to show Russia fans rush at England supporters after the Euro 2016 1-1 draw in Marseille.

Charges against Russia are for crowd disturbances, racist behaviour, and setting off fireworks, Uefa confirmed.....

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