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On the United Kingdom's divorce from her abusive spouse ... views, news, vids, cartoons,etc

One major lesson people the world over should be taking to heart after the Brexit results is this:

The below was published before the results.
From TheSaker blog .. Source: Nick Griffin  (tells of tricks used by Cameron+gang .. highlights are mine)

The #StolenReferendum. How Cameron & Co have ruthlessly exploited the murder of MP Jo Cox to save their skins and the EU ‘Project’

....This propaganda imbalance on its own is enough to corrupt the contest and to deny a ‘Remain’ win any real democratic legitimacy, but as the campaign got under way and polls began to show that it was not going to be the expected Remain walkover, a second trick was brought into play in the effort to ensure the ‘correct’ result:

This was the decision of the Prime Minister to extend the deadline for voter registration by a whole 48 hours after the suspiciously convenient ‘crash’ of the online registration site, just two hours before the deadline to apply for a vote.

No explanation was given as to why the lost two hours should lead to 48 hours of extra time, but it was seized on by the various taxpayer-funded organisations that were already working to maximise voter registration among the demographic groups regarded as being most likely to vote Remain, particularly ethnic minorities (Operation Black Vote) and students (HopeNotHate). The extra time saw a staggering 430,000 additional applications to vote.

This would be more than enough to swing a close contest and the very fact that it was even thought acceptable speaks volumes for the ‘win at any costs’ mentality of Cameron and Remain....

Great vid

Liam Halligan at Telegraph
Will Britain's EU exit have a domino effect?
So, the “smart money” was wrong. Ahead of last Thursday’s referendum, it really did seem that the Remain camp had it in the bag. As the big day approached, successive opinion polls suggested, ever more decisively, that the UK would opt to stay in the European Union.

 As campaigning reached a climax, on-line prediction markets, showing the weight of money punters had bet on either side, became emphatic, pointing to an 80pc-plus probability we would stay in. With “decided” voters mostly showing Remain just ahead, and most “undecided” also seen as “more likely to stay with what they know”, practically the entire political and media class agreed that, while it might be close, the UK electorate would reject Leave.

Little wonder, then, that by Thursday morning, as voting began, the mighty foreign exchange markets were also skewed heavily in that direction. For the entire week before, the pound had climbed steadily, as uncertainty lessened and, for many, largely evaporated, crystallising into a slam-dunk conventional wisdom that Remain would ultimately prevail.

That is why the result in just a single constituency produced such a violent market reaction. When news came through in the small hours of Friday morning that Sunderland had voted to Leave, sterling fell against the dollar by no less than 3pc, a jaw-dropping reaction to just one among 382 referendum-counting constituencies, and only the third to declare.

Sunderland has been expected to vote to quit the EU by a margin of around 6 percentages points. The gap, in the event, was a massive 22 points. Sunderland, a centre of UK car-making, a beneficiary of foreign direct investment over many years apparently linked to our EU membership, had shown a streak of real defiance. From that moment on, it was clear this referendum could produce a very serious political upset, showing, yet again, the vast majority of pollsters had got their sums horribly wrong.....

From BBC   (the stupidity of the brainwashed young, seen in all its ignorance!)
EU referendum petition signed by more than 1.5m

More than 1.5 million people have signed a petition calling for a second EU referendum, after the vote to leave.

It has more signatures than any other on the parliamentary website and as it has passed 100,000, Parliament will consider it for a debate.

The UK voted to leave the EU by 52% to 48% in Thursday's referendum but the majority of voters in London, Scotland and Northern Ireland backed Remain.

David Cameron has previously said there would be no second referendum.

On Friday he said he would stand down as prime minister by October following the leave result.....

Peter Spence at Telegraph
Britain’s EU Commissioner Lord Hill quits after Brexit vote - as experts warn City could suffer

Jonathan Hill, Britain’s most senior official in Brussels, has resigned from his position, amid warnings that his departure could mean that City firms will face tougher European regulation.
Lord Hill has been a defender and advocate of the UK’s financial services industry in Brussels, since his appointment as Britain’s European commissioner by David Cameron. His powers have now been handed to the EU official responsible for the euro.
The 55-year-old expressed that he was “disappointed” in the outcome of the June 23 vote, which saw nearly 52pc of voters opt to withdraw from the EU. His resignation had been widely expected, but came much sooner than most had anticipated....

From Guardian
EU governments pile pressure on UK to leave as soon as possible 
Six founding member states demand earliest start to Brexit process, but they cannot compel UK to invoke article 50
EU governments have piled pressure on the UK to leave the union as soon as possible, saying talks on the exit must begin promptly and urging that a new British prime minister is installed quickly.
As Europe scrambled on Saturday to limit the damage from the momentous Brexit vote, however, there seemed little it could immediately do to force Britain to speed up the pace of its departure from the 60-year-old bloc.

Meeting for emergency talks in Berlin, foreign ministers from the EU’s six founding member states demanded the earliest possible start to the Brexit process.

France’s foreign minister, Jean-Marc Ayrault, said Britain must trigger article 50 of the Lisbon treaty, the procedure for leaving the EU....

From Telegraph
EU referendum:
Battle to be Brexit Prime Minister heats up as Tory MPs question Boris Johnson's leadership credentials

AND, then of course, you have the Guardian who one of the sullen losers:
Nick Cohen at Guardian  (brings in Rudyard Kipling too, to make a point ... LOL !!!)
There are liars and then there’s Boris Johnson and Michael Gove 
The Brexit figureheads had no plan besides exploiting populist fears and dismissing experts who rubbished their thinking

Where was the champagne at the Vote Leave headquarters? The happy tears and whoops of joy? If you believed Boris Johnson and Michael Gove, the Brexit vote was a moment of national liberation, a day that Nigel Farage said our grateful children would celebrate with an annual bank holiday.

Johnson and Gove had every reason to celebrate. The referendum campaign showed the only arguments that matter now in England are on the right. With the Labour leadership absent without leave and the Liberal Democrats and Greens struggling to be heard, the debate was between David Cameron and George Osborne, defending the status quo, and the radical right, demanding its destruction. Johnson and Gove won a dizzying victory with the potential to change every aspect of national life, from workers’ rights to environmental protection.

Yet they gazed at the press with coffin-lid faces and wept over the prime minister they had destroyed. David Cameron was “brave and principled”, intoned Johnson. “A great prime minister”, muttered Gove. Like Goneril and Regan competing to offer false compliments to Lear, they covered the leader they had doomed with hypocritical praise. No one whoops at a funeral, especially not mourners who are glad to see the back of the deceased. But I saw something beyond hypocrisy in those frozen faces: the fear of journalists who have been found out.

The media do not damn themselves, so I am speaking out of turn when I say that if you think rule by professional politicians is bad wait until journalist politicians take over. Johnson and Gove are the worst journalist politicians you can imagine: pundits who have prospered by treating public life as a game. Here is how they play it. They grab media attention by blaring out a big, dramatic thought. An institution is failing? Close it. A public figure blunders? Sack him. They move from journalism to politics, but carry on as before. When ...........

The best 2 bits of news come from ZeroHedge. 
1) "UK was the best performing European market following the Brexit outcome"
2)  World's 400 Richest People Lose $127 Billion

The Real Brexit "Catastrophe": 
World's 400 Richest People Lose $127 Billion
This outcome was just as we expected three days ago for reasons that we penned in "Is Soros Wrong", where we said "in a world in which central banks rush to devalue their currency at any means necessary just to gain a modest competitive advantage in global trade wars, a GBP collapse is precisely what the BOE should want, if it means kickstarting the UK economy."

On Friday, the market started to price it in too, and in the process revealed that the biggest sovereign losers from Brexit will not be the UK but Europe......


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