Saturday, March 26, 2016

MUST WATCH: Very candid interview with the young Yazidi girl serially raped by the monsters created by Saudi Arabia with ample help from USA, Israel, EU, Turkey, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and others

ISIS sex slave survivor:"They beat me, raped me, treated me like an animal"

Israel and Turkey picks up the wounded monsters from its borders, treats them, makes them whole again and sends them back so they can continue raping, killing, beheading and creating chaos in Syria and Iraq. Below just a couple of items from the alternative media on Israel's disgusting role in this conflict.  Of course, the MSM which is largely controlled by Jewish bigwigs will refrain from letting you know the very important role Israel plays in the mayhem going on in the Middle East and Africa.  Even if they do pen a few words on the issue, and only because of constant criticism coming from the alternative media, the lying rogues at the MSM will pretend that it's the "moderate rebels" that Israel is healing in their hospitals when we who know what's going on know that Israel and Turkey have been hand in glove arming and strengthening the wahhabi scum.

Yes, Israel prefers to stitch up the Frankensteins and send them to tear into young girls like in the vid above, but when a wounded Palestinian Israeli attacker is lying helpless in the Israeli streets, the all powerful, all mighty IDF (send more "pizza" money to make it stronger) shoots the man dead... while he is lying there unconscious.

Over and above the vomit-inducing behaviour of the increasingly despicable Netanyahu+ gang, take a look below at what Israel and its partners in the ongoing atrocities in the Middle East and Africa have been doing to ensure that the monsters they have created are fully equipped to continue raping, killing, destroying.

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