Saturday, March 12, 2016

USA kills 150 Somali jihadists who were supposedly getting ready to do dirty

If true, US managed to get rid of 150 jihadis in Somalia (see second link disputing that figure).  If it could do this in Somalia, why wasn't it able to do same in Syria?  Isn't the answer because USA and its allies had no intention of doing away with the headchoppers there until Russia showed up to show the world what many of us already knew?
From BBC
US air strike 'kills 150 Somali militants' A US air strike has killed more than 150 al-Shabab militants in Somalia, the Pentagon says.

Spokesman Captain Jeff Davis said the strike hit a training camp where a "large-scale" attack was being planned.

"We know they were going to be departing the camp and they posed an imminent threat to US and [African Union] forces," Captain Davis said.

"Initial assessments are that more than 150 terrorist fighters were eliminated," he added.

Mr Davis said the strike, by both drones and manned aircraft, took place on Saturday and targeted Raso Camp, a training facility about 120 miles (195km) north of the capital, Mogadishu.

....Also on Monday, the Australian navy said it had seized a huge cache of weapons on a fishing boat off the coast of Oman that was apparently heading for Somalia.

Grenade launchers, machine guns, and 2,000 assault rifles were concealed under fishing nets, a Navy spokesman said.....

From GuardianUK
Somali cattle herder describes 
 US airstrike on al-Shabaab training camp

    ‘It was like a burnt house. Al-Shabaab fighters were collecting dead bodies’
    Islamist group confirms attack but says death toll of 150 is exaggerated

A local cattle herder has given the first eyewitness account of the US airstrike on an Islamist militant training camp in Somalia that killed scores of fighters.

Pentagon officials claimed that more than 150 members of the al-Shabaab militant group were killed in the surprise raid by planes and unmanned MQ-9 Reaper drones near Raso over the weekend. The al-Qaida linked group confirmed the airstrike but rejected the death toll as exaggerated.
Bashir Dhure, a herder living nearby, said the camp had been set up in a new and secret location in an attempt to avoid Somali and western intelligence, but was targeted on Saturday night.

“There were big explosions,” he told the Guardian. “All nearby places were caught on fire and no one knew what was happening. In the morning I could see the smoke coming from the bombarded training facility.

“It was like a burnt house. Everything turned burnt. I saw three vehicles burnt down. Al-Shabaab fighters were collecting dead bodies. They were put on trucks and took out of the village. We do not know where they were buried,” he said in a telephone interview.

Following the airstrike, angry al-Shabaab fighters started searching .....

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