Saturday, March 12, 2016

Guess what a husband of a husband is doing in the Dominican Republic

Why is it that gays want others to be gays too?  What is with these folks that they can't let well enough alone.  If someone wants to come out of the closet, they will.  No need to push and shove.
Sexual perversion is not everybody's bag of tricks and the LGBT community should be warded off from appearing to do favors when none are solicited for nor needed.

Martin Arauxo and Manuel Miranda writing at TheSaker blog
Activist USA Ambassador pushes aggressive LGBT agenda in the caribbean

Obama ambassadorial appointee and LGBT activist, James Wally Brewster has endeavored to promote alternative lifestyle values in the conservative Dominican Republic.

Ever since Ambassador Brewster (who donated heavily to Barak Obama) arrived in the D.R. he has been pushing against the traditional values of the majority, by openly and steadily attempting to steer the nation into accepting ultra liberal North American culture.

He took under his stewardship the various LGBT groups on the island nation and has now set up an exclusive LGBT chamber of commerce for them (in spanish).

Using the tremendous resources of the State Department, USA ambassador Brewster has coordinated with USAID to channel the not too shabby sum of one million dollars to this boutique chamber of commerce, but also to (and here’s the kicker) to any political candidates who are openly LGBT or support their agenda, this was all celebrated ironically on the so called Zero Discrimination day, sponsored by the UN .

USAID Director in the D.R. Alexandria Panehal, explicitly stated that this was to advance the “LGBT agenda”  (English) in the country by supporting candidates who back their roadmap.

Ambassador Brewster who is married to Bob Satawake (both wealthy Chicago businessmen) have continuously defied the country’s traditional culture by enforcing the LGBT agenda, the non-career diplomat has threatened to take away visas from those who also oppose his anti-corruption drives which involved further meddling of a foreign ambassador into the private affairs of a sovereign nation.....

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