Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Belgium, where unelected VIPoliticians reign supreme and dance in a closed embrace the terrorism tango ...

with the USA in Muslim countries of the Middle East and Africa, suffered terrorism attacks today from those they terrorize. 

I feel sorry for the innocent who are usually at the receiving end of such tragedies.  Wonder if any amongst the dead, dying and severely wounded or otherwise, ever raised their voices against the warmongers in their government who bombed the families, friends and neighbours (innocents again) of the terrorists who have now carried out these horrendous acts in Brussels.
We reap what we sow.  It's that simple. 
It's foolish to keep blaming Muslims and their religion.  Most of us here in the West, without even the excuse of a religion, are bombing millions of Muslims in Muslim lands.
Aren't we all terrorists????

Assad of Syria said during an interview last year:
"Terrorism is like a scorpion, if you put it in your pocket, it will sting you"

Michelle Hackman at Vox
The most important things to read to understand how Brussels became a terrorism hub
Bomb blasts rocked an international airport and a metro stop in Brussels this morning, killing at least 34 and thrusting Belgium's ties to terrorist plots back into the spotlight.

For years now, a number of terrorist plots in Europe and abroad have connected back to Brussels, the capital of Belgium.

Belgium is a relatively small country, but its capital is home to a well-oiled underground jihadist pipeline that has sent more than 400 fighters to Syria, making the nation Europe’s largest per capita source of fighters to Syria.

Belgian gunmen helped carry out the Paris attacks on November 13. But Belgian involvement in terrorism plots goes back at least as far as the Madrid train attacks in 2004, when one of the suspected terrorists came from the Brussels neighborhood of Molenbeek.

On Friday, the man believed to be the mastermind behind the Paris attacks, Salah Abdeslam, was captured by police in Brussels. He was the last known living suspect in the Paris attacks, though police are now looking for several other men who they believe were closely linked to his operations.

Abdeslam's capture triggered fear that terrorists would launch a retaliatory attack, and indeed officials across the city attempted to prepare for such a likelihood, increasing police presence at the airport and throughout the city’s metro system — where today’s attacks occurred.

But how did Belgium find itself at the center of a burgeoning terrorist network? Here are a few sources of reading to help you get a clearer picture.
Most of the suspected terrorists originate from just one neighborhood: Molenbeek

1) A portrait of Molenbeek: At first glance, ....

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