Sunday, March 13, 2016

Yemen ... a nation's suffering that the MSM thinks is not fit to print

Yemen, the poorest nation in the zone of the oil rich Muslim nations, is being reduced to a pile of rubbish, its citizens blown to pieces. Besides being internally displaced, millions of Yemenis have fled to neighboring countries.

Warning: You might find some of the pics in the links below disturbing ... but then, that is exactly my intention.  Imagine all that mayhem and gore happening to you and your dear ones and perhaps then  you might peel open your eyes and see what the governments of the West are doing to other human beings whom they consider to be "collateral" damage in their blood thirst for accumulating wealth.  Is this what you voted for? If not, then why aren't you criticizing your government arming the aggressors?  Why aren't you holding protest marches?  Why aren't you showing your frustration by starting a blog or getting on Twitter or Facebook and saying what's on your mind? 

The link also has fantastic information on various other conflicts and has given a day-to-day report on Yemen.  The last entry is March 6, 2016 (see pic below).

Saudi Arabia's destruction of Yemen in Dec 2015
Saudi Arabia's destruction of Yemen in Jan 2016
Saudi Arabia's destruction of Yemen in Feb 2016

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